Rinnai R75i - condensation leak solved

by peter r
(cornwall ontario)

Rinnai R75i water heater has a small pipe sticking out of hole on the side of the exhaust vent where it attaches to the top of the heater casing. Installer capped it with a small rubber cap. It appears to be an outlet for condensation to exit the heater exhaust when operating. The cap causes water to exit at the bottom of a grommet that seals the opening where the pipe comes out of.

The water collects on the flange of the exhaust pipe and caused 2 screws to rust. Installation wanted to charge 89.00 plus tax just to show up. I decided to connect a hose to the pipe held in place with a hose clamp draining to the floor drain. No more water collecting around the mounting flange.

If you have a Rinnai tankless water heater installed make sure the installer connects a drain hose to the pipe on the side of the exhaust where the metal exhaust pipe connects to the plastic exhaust pipe. its there for a reason. Don't know why the installer didn't do it in my case.

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Feb 19, 2016
follow up on Rinnai
by: peter r

Spoke with rep who sold me the Rinnai. He was perplexed as to why a service call the company did a couple of months after the initial install didn't result in drain hose being installed then. Informed me my heater had a 5 yr. labor warranty and he would set up a service call to have the 2 rusted screws replaced and inspect my drain hose install and replace if necessary. I guess the secretary my wife spoke with wasn't aware the heater had a 5 yr. labor warranty from Rinnai.

And be aware, the amount of condensation that drips out is really minimal. A long shower only results in a couple of drops of water, not much but over time those few drops can mess up the screws holding the exhaust flange in place. Rep also informed me from now on all installs of Rinnai water heaters that have the drain pipe will have a drain hose attached, instead of the rubber cap.

Good company. Very happy with the Rinnai r75i and the company that did the install.

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