Richmond Water Heaters: Review and Buying Tips

Richmond water heaters are designed and built by the leading North American manufacturer of water heating equipment, Rheem. This article reviews electric, gas, tank, and tankless heaters and presents the most beneficial features.

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Richmond water heaters: Types and Features

There is an extensive line of Richmond hot water heaters for residential and commercial use. Richmond offers models propelled by natural or propane gas, electricity, and solar and for different applications; heavy-duty, fast recovery, for point of service applications, etc.

Some models use traditional tank-type heating, while others, more advanced, come with on-demand or tankless technology.

Every Richmond water heater meets or exceeds high-quality standards, including ISO 9000. The special high-quality features and systems implemented in some models allow Rheem Richmond to offer several warranty options.

Richmond gas water heaters: An overview of the main features and models

Richmond gas water heaterRichmond gas

Richmond gas water heaters used for residential water heating are available in sizes from 28-gallon to 100-gallon tank capacity.

Some units use natural gas while others propane gas, or can be converted propane (using the correct conversion kits).

Based on the venting option, you can choose between the simplest atmospheric vent heaters, direct vent, power vent with the blower and hot surface ignition, fast recovery, ultra-low NOx units, and gas heaters specially designed for mobile (manufactured) homes.

Richmond water heaters powered by gas utilize quality materials for their parts, and based on the available features like cleaning system, low NOx burner, or FVIR system, you can buy a heater with one of the three warranties.

One of the greatest features of all Richmond gas water heaters, which are also applicable to all 9 and 12-year warranty models, is the EverKleen self-cleaning system.

The EverKleen cleaning system reduces the risk of sediment and lime buildup due to the special design on the dip tube part (inlet tube), which creates turbulence at the bottom of the tank. The EverKleen system improves tank life and maintains design efficiency.

Another great feature is the Integra system. The system features Flammable Vapor Resistant Technology (FVIR) used to shut off the combustion chamber when the flammable vapor incident occurs.

The Integra system keeps the arrestor plate clean of the lint, dust, and oil so non-contaminated air can enter the combustion chamber. This is what gives us, users, a convenience, as there is no maintenance or cleaning needed.

Richmond electric water heaters: An overview of the main features and models

Richmond electric water heaterRichmond electric

Richmond builds several types of electric water heaters, including standard models, tabletop, mobile home, plastic Marathon with the lifetime warranty, and small point-of-use.

Top features that are incorporated into some Rheem Richmond electric water heaters are Lifeguard stainless steel heating elements for longer tank life, a self-cleaning system, and heat traps for high energy efficiency.

The EverKleen Self Cleaning System is the Rheem's / Richmond's patented system that fights the lime and sediment buildup, so models will improve tank life while maintaining high energy efficiency. High-density foam insulation reduces the standby heat loss and increases efficiency with the heat traps on 12-year warranty models. All these features are applied on units with a 9 and 12-year warranty.

Richmond's best model is from the Marathon series that comes with a lifetime warranty. Marathon water heater is also the product with the highest efficiency of all-electric models from this manufacturer, where the EF factor ranges from 0.91 to 0.94. High efficiency is achieved by implementing rigid foam insulation and pipe insulation.

Other models can be purchased with one of the three different warranty options.

Tankless models - Features and models

Richmond tankless water heaterRichmond tankless

Richmond tankless water heaters heat water on-demand and provide a continuous supply of hot water, mainly in residential applications. Using tankless technology, all the units can provide high efficiency and performance, making those with the energy factor of 0.87 or higher - Energy Star approved.

Other exclusive features are Guardian SBT sensing burner technology; Guardian OFW overheat film wrap, and oxygen depletion sensor, all helping in providing normal operation.

Richmond tankless water heaters are designed as indoor direct vent or outdoor models, with the power range from a minimum of 11,000 BTU to the max. 199,000 BTU making them efficient and convenient to supply enough hot water to small condos and larger homes with 3 baths.

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