An Overview of American Water Heaters: What to Look For in 2023

We search and review American water heaters from Polaris, Proline, and Standard series, including tank and tankless, gas and electric models, so that you can select the best unit for your residential water heating use. The company offers an extensive line of residential and commercial models, and our review will cover popular and most advanced models, including innovative features and technical data.

It can be seen that American water heaters are designed for a variety of applications, home types, and homeowners, from budget-friendly and energy-efficient models to models with ultra-high condensing and green technology.

The American water heaters are grouped into several categories, and the links below will allow easy navigation through the model reviews:

About the company that makes American water heaters

American water heaters company with manufacturing, R&D, and corporate offices are located in Johnson City in Tennessee, US. The company offers many models for residential and commercial applications, using natural gas, propane, and electricity - all made in America.

Several models from tank-type and even more from tankless are high-efficient, and therefore, Energy Star awarded and also suitable for earth-friendly installations - LEED recognized.

LEED is short of Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, and American hot water heaters are built to meet their requirements for installation in high-performance and energy efficient "green" buildings.

American water heaters: Model reviews

American electric water heaters

American heat pump water heaterAmerican heat pump water heater

The American Company offers a wide selection of electric water heaters with a variety of sizes and capacities. All the electric models come from the ProLine group, which has the largest selection, from the ProLine Master and XE group, which are the most advanced.

While most electric models have a high energy factor, none of the conventional types is Energy Star compliant, while the hybrids or heat pumps are.

If looking for electric water heaters for one fixture such as the distant sink or office, choose a point-of-use model, such as the Tiny Titan model with 2.5-gallon capacity, and install it under or above the sink. If you need more hot water, choose a model from the Compact series, which has models up to 20 gallons and are built for point-of-use applications.

If you need hot water for one or two fixtures, including a shower, and if you live in an apartment, small house, or need one for a cottage, get the Lowboy model, they are available in sizes from 20 to 50 gallons but are short, so they can fit in homes that lack in space.

The American water heaters company also produces models for particular applications. If you have a solar heating system, you can combine it with 80 and 119 gallons solar-electrical water tank using factory-installed solar circulation connections.

If you need a unit that can perfectly fit your kitchen layout, buy the Table Top model – a model that will also provide an extra countertop space. For those who need hot water in the manufactured homes and RVs, you can get one of the three available models for that purpose.

American heat pumps are for homeowners looking for cutting-edge technology and electric devices that will bring the highest savings possible. This type utilizes an advanced hybrid technology that is twice as efficient as the standard electric water heaters and has a high recovery rate and first-hour delivery, making them ideal for large homes and families looking for savings. Check them out here.

The standard type of the Proline Series is the most versatile and extensive group, designed to meet the demand for hot water from smaller to larger homes and family sizes.

All the models are standard in height (tall); 30-gallon tank size is the smallest unit you can buy, while 119-gallon tank is the largest.

Most electric water heaters come with the industry-standard warranty of 6 years, while better ones offer 8 and 10-year protection.

To buy the best, look for the high efficient models (such as models from the XE series), models with the self-cleaning feature which reduces the risk of sediment build-up, commercial-grade anode rod, or powered anode for excellent against corrosion, and built-in electronics for easier diagnostics.

How to choose the right electric-type size

When searching for the right electric water heater from the American company, keep in mind the following sizing tips: if your family size is from 3-4 with a regular to low demand, the most used tank size is 50-gallon capacity.

If your family consists of over five family members, you should consider models from 80 to 120 gallons to meet the high demand or models with a higher recovery rate. For the low-demand homes, use the point-of-use or Lowboy models.

The above recommendation is calculated assuming that a person needs 3 gallons per minute for the shower. Another factor you should consider is the recovery rate; higher better.

American gas water heaters

As the above electric type, American gas water heaters are also coming from ProLine, Proline Master, and ProLine XE series and protected with the 6, 8, and 10-year warranty. When it comes to sizes and capacities, only tall and short models are available with capacities from 30 to over 75 gallons.

While they are mainly built for residential homes and small commercial applications, some models can also be used in mobile homes.

Furthermore, the gas models are divided into factory-built that use natural and propane gas, while based on the venting option, you can select atmospheric, direct vent, power vent, and power direct vent model.

Direct vent models use flexible vent installation options such as; vertical through the roof and horizontal through the outside wall. The combustion air is drawn from the outside thanks to the heater's enclosed combustion chamber.

The power vent model uses the powered blower to move the exhaust gases, while atmospheric uses a chimney and natural convection for the gases.

The recommended models are high-efficient (EF is 0.7 and up) and Energy Star approved, utilize the intelligent control logic system, self-powered gas control valve with the diagnostic system, powered anode, advanced electronics, and user-friendly features.

The best American gas water heater is coming from the Polaris group.

Popular Polaris water heaters are high efficiency and condensing models with over 95% thermal efficiency, built-in two sizes; 34 and 50-gallon enough to supply mid and large-size homes and provide space heating as well.

These superb stainless steel tank heaters are very durable and have an ultra-low gas emission. They are powerful and with a great first-hour rating and recovery.

Read more about Polaris here.

Like AO Smith Vertex, the American offers a Nautilus power vent and power direct vent, designed with condensing technology, superior energy efficiency of over 90%, high constant water flow rate, Energy Star compliance, commercial-grade components, and protection.

American tankless water heaters

American tankless water heaterAmerican tankless water heater

If you prefer using a device that heats water on demand and delivers in an endless supply, without worrying how much water is left for other users, the right solution for your home is tankless technology.

American tankless water heaters are small, reliable, and long-lasting units offering high performance and better energy efficiency than tank-type units. Either choosing a non-condensing or condensing model, you will get plenty of hot water, but with the reduced energy waste and gas emission. Also, with the indoor and outdoor installation options, more choices are given to buyers.

With the built-in quality elements and materials, innovative features, and advanced electronics, the company provides long 15-year protection, where most of the components are replaceable.

The American offers many models designed for different home sizes where the maximum water flow can reach 10 GPM.

How to choose the right gas-type size

Before you buy, learn how to size a water heater properly.

When searching for the best American gas water heater, keep in mind next: if your family size is up to five members with a regular to low demand, the most used tank size is the 50-gallon gas unit. If there is a need for the high hot water demand for over three family members, you should consider models with the tank over 50-gallons capacity or models with a higher than average recovery rate. These are Polaris and Nautilus and you can find details on the manufacturer's site.

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