Richmond water heater - Not worth the money.

by Elizabeth
(Minatare, Ne, USA)

My landlord bought the Richmond water heater to replace the one in the house I rent in September 2011. He had it installed and right away I thought that something wasn't right...it popped and crackled when it was heating water, but thought that was because it was new. Was I wrong...in December...the 5th to be exact, it stopped heating water.

The landlord called customer service and they had him have the element replaced, then the thermostat. well, I still have no hot water...the 18th of January. He called customer service again and was told to get a digital tester to test the voltage. We already had an electrician check the water heater as well as the circuit breaker in the box and the elements as well as the thermostats...the person in customer service said he had to get the pricey tester and test it while on the line with them.

This we did today and was told that we would have to replace the thermostats AGAIN. The electrician we had in to check it said that the problem is in the water heater itself, but customer service seems to think that being without hot water with a family is just fine. Why can't they just replace the water heater? Do they think we're just crackpots? I am going to buy my own heater... Maybe then we can at least take a shower without going to the neighbor's house. By the way, the water heater that was replaced had been in the house since it was built in 1974!!!!!!!

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Feb 10, 2015
Worthless Warranty
by: Mitch

I own a rental unit and had to replace the Richmond water heater after only 6 years of use (it was warranted for 9 years). My electrician showed me the water heater was shorting out causing the breaker to pop.

After replacing it with a new Richmond unit, everything works fine. To collect on my warranty I called Customer Service at Richmond. They informed me that the old unit must remain hooked up in order to test it to satisfy the warranty. I told them I cannot afford to have a tenant out of hot water for days or weeks while we test the unit, much less pay for a plumber to disconnect then reconnect Water Heaters for testing as they instructed me to do. I will never purchase another Richmond water heater as long as I live.

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