Rheem venting location

by David

I have been having some issues with nuisance gas detectors going off and so far the technicians can not seem to locate the cause.

I am sending this note in hopes someone may have some insight as to what the issue could be. I am curious about the venting location in relevance to the gas furnace vents. The propane hot water heater is "just" 10 feet if not less from the propane furnace vents.

They are all on the north side of house. We seem to periodically see our gas detectors going off...possibly caused by the vents drawing in vented CO gas ...we have in the passed had an actual propane leak in our house due to a cracked fitting so we are leary to simply brush off the alarms.

There must be a cause due to installation issue or something...any ideas? We use a Rheem 4 inch PVC power vented hot water tank. Some are telling me venting to the north side of the house was not the best idea....and some are thinking the hot water tank could be drawing in CO gas when it is not running....thoughts?

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Sep 22, 2011
proper venting on Rheem powervent water heaters
by: Anonymous

According to Rheem manufacturer, PowerVent water heaters should not be connected to an existing vent or chimney with the furnace - it must be vented separately. PVC vent pipe is OK and vented either horizontally through the outside wall or vertically through the roof.

You should check, periodically, for any cracks or sagging especially at the joints as the vent gasses might "leak". The proper draft should be present so the flue gasses can escape the water heater to the outside. If both water heater and the furnace are located in the same room, each unit has to have sufficient fresh air for the proper combustion. The instructions recommended two openings; upper and lower opening on the outside wall or provide air from other rooms.

Water heater vent terminal should be at least 3 feet above the air inlet for the furnace if it is located within 10 feet.

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