My hot water changed the color

by Grace

I have just installed a new Rheem water heater, Fury model and everything was ok, but when I open the hot water tap to use the hot water, I have noticed that water color is different. I understand that the plumbing might be dirty and needs time, but this problem (milky water) is still present, after several hours.

I used the Rheem manual for troubleshooting but I am not sure about directions.

Is my problem something I should be concerned of?

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May 12, 2010
Milky water and your water heater
by: J.D.

Milky water in your water heater is the result of the dissolved gasses like oxygen, CO2, even hydrogen sulfide. When your water heater is working, the temperature and the pressure are increasing and the amount of gasses decrease.

When you open the tap for hot water, for example, gases inside the water will make your water have the milky appearance. These are actually small bubbles of the dissolved gases. Milky appearance will go away in a matter of minutes.

May 12, 2010
How to fix milky water problem
by: Zee from hotwatertalk.com

Milky or cloudy water can occur in both hot and cold water lines.

It doesn't matter is your water heater Rheem, AO Smith, American... or gas, electric; milky water appears in any type or model.

Here are the few reasons that I came across:

The presence of the air in you cold water supply, and coming from the main pipeline.

Aerators at faucets inside your home are allowing the air to enter the plumbing.

If you have your own well water system, there can be the presence of air, entrapped.

Air expands inside the water system when the season is changing (e.g. from winter to spring).

And don't worry, it can happened in the recently installed water heater and also in the old that was running for long time.

Solution for your problem is that you just have to wait for a while (matter of minutes) until the milky water caused by the oxygenation clears up.

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