GSW 310 model how to fix tagaki water heater

by Neil

I purchased this at lowes with the recommended venting that came with it. I plugged in the unit it fired right up works fine but I cannot clear code 10 I tried unplugging and restarting and still led flashes 5 times and remote continually flases code 10 dip switches are correct set to nat gas temp set at 122 ok but still code 10 it is direct vented puzzled Neil

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Feb 09, 2014
310 model
by: Anonymous

This is was solved exactly as you have stated. The problem I had was just purchased and installed now I have to call someone to fix? What bothered me was I could get no help from manufacturer none call someone? Lucky I did not return to store with lack of help. Thank you for your help it would have solved problem. Neil

Feb 08, 2014
Clearing the error code 10
by: C.J.

According to the State manufacturer the error code 10 for your 310 model is "Warning for 991 Error Code".

Now, looking at the 991 error code it says abnormal combustion which surely has to lead to unusual flame pattern: red, yellow.

The abnormal combustion is the result of venting blockage or contaminated air used for combustion. Also during these cold winter months the issue might be in high cold winds or frozen elements.

Keep in mind that only if the problem has been solved, you should reset the computer to clear the error code 10 (101 on other models) and followed by five flashes.

Before resetting the computer board make sure that there is no water flowing through the unit.

If the remote is installed turn the power off to remote.

Turn the power off to the unit and turn on again.

Next, push and hold the INC and DEC buttons on computer board at the same time and hold it for several seconds until the red Led lights up and is steady.

Turn the unit off and on again on power button/gfi to reset the computer board. It should work.

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