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General Electric tankless water heaters review and buying tips. A review of GE tankless water heaters for efficient and low NOx residential water heating.

General Electric water heaters with the tankless technology are the latest addition to the GE heating group. Tankless models are designed to heat water on demand and deliver hot water in continuous and endless supply.

Due to their small and compact size, powerful gas burner, and advanced electronics, they are recommended for households with 4 or more members and high demand. But, they can be used for supplying a single fixture too.

All GE tankless water heaters use natural gas or LP gas. You can buy direct vent units for indoor installation or ventless for the outside based on the installation feasibility.

Most gas-fired General Electric water heaters are factory set to use natural gas, while other LP gas. If the unit is factory set to use natural gas, it is easy to convert it to propane gas and vice versa. The qualified technician should do the gas conversion.

All tankless heaters from GE with an energy factor of 0.87 or higher are Energy Star compliant. Tankless models are environment-friendly or "green," where using such a "green" technology helps in reducing the emission of NOx, greenhouse gases.

Reviewing the basic features

GE tankless water heaters are designed and built by the Rheem manufacturer, so if you compare both tankless brands, you will notice no significant differences between them.

All tankless models are designed for residential water heating, from small homes to large ones with high hot water demand. With its small and compact design, GE tankless water heaters can be easily installed on the wall, so they free up the floor space for other applications and provide versatility and flexibility when choosing the right location.

GE tankless is providing hot water for showers, dishes, washing the clothes, even the tubs... There is no tank, no water storage, the unit works only on demand. Such on-demand-run technology allows you always to have fresh water ready while heating costs are reduced by at least 25%.

The central component, which is the brain of the GE tankless water heater, is the electronic board. Electronic digital control is used to set and control the hot water temperature and provide diagnostic codes for easier troubleshooting and maintenance.

The temperature of the outgoing hot water is, thanks to advanced technology, monitored constantly. This technology allows the heater to adjust the water flow to maintain the desired temperature and keep the temperature constant. These GE tankless units are providing a temperature range from 98 F to 140 F. If you want even better control of the water temperature and monitor heater's operation, the recommendation is to install a remote control.

General Electric tankless water heaters, designed for the outside installation, have freeze protection which is consisted of the ceramic heaters located inside the unit, so it can protect the unit from freezing outside weather and as low as the temperature of -30 F.

GE tankless heaters are not using the pilot light but direct electronic ignition, which helps in boosting energy efficiency. The maximum gas input is found on 9.4 GPM models and is 199,000 BTU per hour if the unit uses natural gas and 190,000 BTU if using propane or LP gas.

For 7.5 GPM models, the gas input is 180,000 BTU/hr, making it ideal for medium-and small-sized homes, with 2-3 bathrooms. All the units, no matter if they are using natural gas or propane, have an energy factor of 0.82.


General Electric water heaters with tankless technology are available in two sizes only, 7.5 GPM and 9.4 GPM, both groups with an option for an indoor and outdoor installation. These are maximum flows calculated for the temperature rise of 35 F.

There are four tankless models with the 9.4 GPM water flow -an indoor model GN94DNSRSA and the outdoor model GN94ENSRSA factory set for natural gas; an indoor model GP94DNSRSA and outdoor unit GP94ENSRSA are factory set on LP gas. All indoor models use a 5x3" concentric direct vent for venting products of combustion out, while the outdoor units are ventless - these do not require venting.

Tankless models with 7.5 GPM of hot water flow can be found as an indoor model GN75DNSRSA and outdoor model GP75ENSRSA, both units, factory-set to use natural gas.

As opposed to Rheem, GE does not provide as many sizes.

If anything happens to your GE tankless water heater, don't worry, as the company provides a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger, 5 years on parts, and one year on the labor.

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