AO Smith Vertex with Intellivent doesn't operate consistently...

by Nick
(Hawthorne, NJ)

I bought a home with an AO Smith GPHE 50 100 Vertex water heater with Intellivent. When it works, it works very, very well. However, often times I get into my morning shower with warm water at best (sometimes outright cold!)

I will notice that three lights are lit (Vacation, Red Arrow, Very Hot) on the control pad and no adjustments can be made unless the power button is shut and restarted. Sometimes that does the trick, sometimes it doesn't.

I also notice a consistent amount of water that builds up at the joint of the rubber exhaust boot and PVC pipe. I'm guessing it's condensation and I hear water sloshing around in there, which just doesn't seem right.

I have a lot of experience with hot water heaters, but not with direct vent models. I don't even have a manual to go through for help.I sent an email into AO Smith, but never heard back from them at all. Anyone out there have an idea of what is happening?

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May 17, 2010
venting is important
by: tightspotvacuum

It sounds like your vent pipe is collecting water and opening your vacuum switch and your water heater is shutting down on error code . By turning it off you are resetting the board.See about going online to get the installation manual to check if it is installed correctly or if you can put in a condensating drain on the vent pipe .

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