Ao smith vertex only works sometimes

by Joe

I bought AO Smith Vertex last November(2009) for the house i was building, but was unable to move in until late may (2010). The water heater worked consistently until mid November. Now it runs sometimes, every two days or every other day or half today. The vent fan starts normally, then the ignitor heats up and the gas fires and ignites, but only for a second or two before it shuts off. It codes out has an ignitor problem.

I have a problems getting a contractor out because the water heater is unpredictable and am told it has to be broken for a diagnosis. In addition, my one year labor warranty is up. So I have to pay $75-an hour to be fixed. It seems that I am better off just buying a cheap water heater. I am frustrated and angry that this expensive water heater crapped out on me after 7 months of use. It does work very good when it works but now its cost does not justify its efficiency because i have to put money in to it or buy a new one. Is there any body who has had this same problem. As of now I recommend not spending this amount of money--it is only efficient because it is not working.

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Dec 09, 2010
preventive maintenance
by: tightspotvacuum

whenever you have an igniter you have a flame sensor . take out the burner assy. clean the flame sensor (never use sandpaper). this may be your problem. if not it needs to be done anyway.

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