Why my Bosch Aquastar 2700ES doesn't light the burner (no sparks)

by Mike

My Bosch tankless water heater, Aquastar 2700ES model doesn't light the burner. Looking through the small window on the water heater I have noticed that my Aquastar water heater is not using the pilot light but the electrode which doesn't produce any sparks.

I have checked the water pressure, gas pressure and everything is OK. I live in Florida and water supply will fluctuate but this is the first time I am experiencing this problem.

Any suggestions?

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May 11, 2010
Loose wires on the ignition group
by: Craig from Plumbing solution

If there is no ionization with the water flow do the following.

You said you have checked gas and water pressure.

Next question: Is your Bosch water heater 2700ES using the type of gas it is designed for? Check the Energy Guide label or your Bosch manual to confirm the gas type.

Sometimes due to the hours of work, wire connections to the ignition electrode on the heat exchanger are loose. Secure them properly.

Once done, start the process again and look through the small front window and observe are there sparks at all and does the steady blue flame develops in the combustion chamber. Yellow flame means improper gas pressure (or air/gas mix).

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