Weil-McLain Boilers

Weil-McLain boilers company is a North American manufacturer of water heating systems for both residential and commercial applications. The products are designed in various models and sizes and used for residential homes, pools, hotels, greenhouses, and apartment buildings, utilizing natural gas and oil.

The main products of the Weil-McLain manufacturer are the hydronic comfort heating boilers, indirect-fired water heaters, hydronic baseboards, tankless coil, heat exchangers, and accessories such as boiler controls and zone controllers. This review covers only the water heaters used in residential applications.

Weil-McLain product line

While Weil-McLain boilers are found in several types and designed for different applications, the review covers models that are made for indirect and direct domestic water heating.

Direct-power water heaters are compact, space-saving, and wall-mounting, while indirect heaters are combined with other units. Both types are recommended for residential applications.

Weil McLain Aqualogic - Indirect type

Weil-McLain indirect-fired water heaters are equipped with the features that help in the units' longevity and durability; corrosion-resistant stainless steel storage tank and a self-cleaning feature that reduces sediment build-up. The manufacturer produces two models, both energy efficient, that provide faster recovery and first-hour rating than the tankless coil, direct gas-fired, or electric water heaters.

The AquaLogic indirect-fired model is combined with the wall-mount condensing boiler, offering high performance and simple plug-and-play installation.

The Aqua Plus models include the stainless steel coil tank with capacities from 35 to 105 gallons, boiler output up to 350 MBH, and a flow rate of a maximum of 14 GPM.

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Weil McLain Gas Boiler Ultra Gas S3 CT - Direct type

Weil McLain Gas Boiler Ultra Gas S3 CTWeil McLain Gas Boiler Ultra Gas S3 CT

Direct-powered boilers are gas-powered units similar to tankless units and are designed for wall or floor installation.

Ultra Gas S3 CT gas boilers utilize condensing technology followed by great features such as the stainless steel burner, cast aluminum heat exchanger, variable speed motor, advanced electronics, and others, all contributing to high-efficient and low-temperature operation for the low NOx applications. With the six models available, the Ultra series provides a maximum gas input of 399 MBH and an efficiency of high 94%.

ECO wall-mount gas boilers are available in three sizes where the maximum gas input is 155 MBH and energy efficiency of 95.2%. Powerful features include the high-grade stainless steel heat exchanger and burner, specially designed dimple tube, a control module with the 3.5" LCD display, and intelligent controls.

Weil-McLain WM97 is another high-efficiency boiler that can be used with the companion water heater for endless hot water production. The boiler series is available in three sizes, from 70 to 155,000 BTUH, all utilizing great features as the above models, providing the maximum efficiency of 95.2%.

How to buy Weil-McLain

Weil-McLain boilers are sold exclusively through certified wholesale merchants to contractors.


For all the above models, the manufacturer provides a limited warranty on the heat exchanger for 12 years, from the date of installation, and 2 years on all other parts.

How to contact Weil-McLain

500 Blaine Street, Michigan City, Indiana 46360, United States, Phone: 800-368-2492
Official site: weil-mclain.com