US Craftmaster Gas Water Heaters

US Craftmaster gas water heater

Explore the best of US Craftmaster gas water heaters that are Energy Star compliant have the longest warranty, high recovery rate, and first hour rating, and utilize either power vent, direct or atmospheric vent.

US Craftmaster gas water heaters with the water storage tank are built in several sizes, ranging from the smallest tank sizes of 30 gallons to 100-gallon heavy-duty models.

Most of the models come with the industry-standard 6-year warranty, while some models have 9-year or long 12-year warranties, such as the models with the pressurized combustion chamber from the High-Efficiency group.

Note that only High-Efficiency Pressurized Combustion, Energy Star Atmospheric, and PowerFlex models are available with the direct and power venting system, and sizes of 40-gal and 50-gal are Energy Star approved. The energy factor of these models is 0.67 or higher (on other models, EF is from 0.58-0.62).

Model and type review

The selection of US Craftmaster gas water heaters is quite decent, but the focus will be on the best models that are Energy Star approved:

  • High-Efficiency Atmospheric
  • Energy Efficient
  • Flame Guard
  • PoweFlex FVIR (power and direct vent models)
  • Direct Vent FVIR
  • Ultra-Low NOx FVIR
  • Water heaters for mobile homes

High-Efficiency Atmospheric Vent models

What makes this group of gas water heaters interesting is the patented air intake system built on the side of the heater, responsible for making the pressurized combustion chamber, also the specially designed flue baffle that helps in keeping the heat inside longer - resulting in a high-efficiency factor (EF) of 0.7. Combined with the "Green Choice" or eco-friendly gas burner, the heater can meet the strict low for greenhouse gas emission.

Unlike many other gas models, especially standard type heaters that use the pilot light, this model utilizes the hot surface igniter that is more durable and reliable.

Also, except for the simple gas valve and its LED diodes for diagnostics, these gas water heaters include a small but user-friendly LCD display where the operator can see the existing temperature or during the malfunctioning - a service code.

For protection, US Craftmaster utilizes the inner lining, powered and non-sacrificial anode rod for long-term operation, and Sta-Kleen diffuser tube that helps in reducing the sediment and limescale buildup.

This unit comes with a 12-year warranty and is Energy Star compliant.

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Energy Efficient gas models

US Craftmaster gas water heaters from the Energy Efficient series offer more flexibility when it comes to the warranty; the buyer can get models with a 6-year or 9-year warranty. These are designed in two sizes which are also the most popular; 40- and 50-gallon.

What makes these gas water heaters provide higher energy efficiency is the automatic flue damper, controlled by the microprocessor located inside the electronic gas valve, that closes when needed and, therefore, keeps the heat energy longer inside the heater.

Features and benefits

Some of the advanced features found on US Craftmaster gas water heaters include the commercial-quality electronic gas valve with the Intelligent Control and a microprocessor for better performance, accuracy, and control. The Intelligent Control also allows the self-diagnostics so the user can be notified of any problem through the LED indicators.

The best models do not utilize the most common pilot light and manual lighting, but the integrated and durable thermopile allowing self-power operation, a great benefit during the power outage.

Gas heaters are equipped with safety and protective features such as the self-cleaning dip tube, heavy-duty anode rod, automatic shut-down system, and Flame Lock Safety System as part of the FVIR system. They reduce the sediment and limescale buildup, protect from tank corrosion, air supply restriction and overheating, accidental fire outside the combustion chamber, and in the presence of the flammable vapor.


As mentioned, gas water heaters from the US Craftmaster manufacturer are available in several sizes, with more or less advanced models, and for every budget. Cheaper models are simpler and do not meet the Energy Star standards, while the more expensive ones are the opposite; they include advanced and durable elements, have a longer warranty, and can save energy while being environment-friendly.

All models are designed for domestic water heating. Still, some heaters can work in combined space heating and potable water heating and the solar heating system for water storage or as a backup.

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