Third Bradford White on demand water heater in 2 years

(Nova Scotia, Canada)

Let me start by saying that the on demand water heater works like an absolute charm.... when it works! For the first 2 years it was the very best thing we ever had, and then the trouble started.

Our first heater broke down after 2 years, conveniently after their 1 year full warranty. At first it looked like one of the elements had burnt, so we got a replacement element put in (at a total of 360 CAD for element, shipping and installation!). This did not solve the problem... It turned out there was some sort of electrical issue with the water heater, so we got a replacement unit. The replacement unit arrived within a week and got installed right away (at installation cost of 480 CAD, since the unit's dimensions were different and piping and electrical needed to be rerouted). This added up to about a month of little hot water in our entire house and a total expense of just over 800 CAD. Not impressed on spending over 800 dollars on a faulty unit.

Unfortunately we're not done yet. That new unit at almost 500 dollars installation cost? It started leaking within a week after installation.... Another faulty unit. The floor in my closet (which is original hardwood flooring) is ruined and now, over 2 weeks later, I am still left in the dark about when my next replacement unit will arrive. At least it was producing some hot water... up until a few days ago when the leaking water fried 2 of the circuit boards. I am now left (again!) with hardly any hot water in my house, a ruined floor by water damage (and who is going to pay for that?) and no clue when I'll get hot water again. Calls to Bradford White have so far amounted to nothing - the first actual friendly person on the phone was just this morning (huray!), the 4 people before him have been nothing but rude and unhelpful. Maybe the fact that I told the first one they'd better send me some sort of solution soon or a lawsuit would be an option didn't help in getting a friendly response. Not unreasonable, considering that my email went unanswered just like the voicemail I have left and the fact that I still have no answer on when my unit will get here, despite questions from me, the wholesaler, and my service person...
Let them enjoy cold showers over a period on and off for a couple of months now, a ruined original hardwood floor, and deal with lost revenue and guest complaints (we own a small B&B and both our units gave out while guests were there)...

I do have to say our service person has been absolutely fantastic (but of course he does not work for Bradford White) and has now shared many an hour over the weekends and evenings at our home trying to get the issue solved. When both you and your service person get the runaround from Bradford White (there is still no answer on when my unit is supposed to arrive after more than 2 weeks, let alone any answer on who is going to pay the labor costs this time) you know something is just not right.

Basically at the moment I am still waiting for the third(!) unit, while without hot water and having spent over 2000 CAD for the original unit incl. installation and so far over 800 CAD in repairs and replacements.... I wonder who will pay for the labor cost for the installation of the next replacement?

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