State Electric Water Heaters

State electric water heater

Check out the review of the most extensive group of State electric water heaters, a group that includes top-of-the-line Premier, Premier Hybrid, and Select models.

Find out what is the best model and what benefits does it bring to the homeowners.

Models review

Premier Self-Cleaning

State electric water heaters from the Premier group are models that operate with great performance and provide long life and reliable heating. This is possible due to the self-cleaning system, comprised of a special Turbo Coil dip tube with jet ports to reduce the sediment build-up.

This is the most efficient group from the conventional electric type heaters, and it comes with a 10-year warranty, which is the longest among all State electric models.

Elements such as the electronic user interface, touchscreen display, diagnostics, dry fire protection, and the strong 5500 W Incoloy stainless steel heating elements are something you should consider when looking for the best electric unit.

Premier heat pumps

State electric water heaters can also be combined with the heat pumps making it very powerful combination and the best electric option from State - Premier Hybrid (see below).

Such water heaters are Energy Star approved due to their ultimate efficiency, which is two times higher than the energy factor found in the conventional type. According to the manufacturer, these are expensive models, but with high energy efficiency and excellent performance, the payback period is very short 2-3 years.

There are seven models available with sizes ranging from the most popular 50 gallons to high 84-gallon tank and different first hour and recovery ratings.

The main features are the LCD display for easy control and monitoring of the heating parameters, including the troubleshooting, four different heating modes, strong 4,5 kW heating elements, a long warranty of up to 10 years, and the powered anode, which is found on the 80-gal unit.

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Select series

State electric water heaters from the Select series belong to a wide group of economy models available from as low as 2 gallons, used at the point of service to over 70-gallon models used in the whole-house water heating.

Most of the units from this group have a conventional design with two heating elements and the self cleaning system, while others come from the small point-of-use group and specialty models such as the Table Top, Lowboy, and Compact subgroup.

Such a great variety of economy models allows State Industries to offer models for any home, with the low or high hot water demand, either big or small, and designed for installation in the attic, crawl space, and other tight spaces.

State Mobile Home

State electric water heaters for mobile homes are available in three sizes, 28, 30, and 40 gallons. These models are different in overall size; the 28-gal Lowboy model, as being short, can be installed in rooms with height restrictions, while the 30-gal unit is in tight spaces. All the State Mobile units come with a 6-year warranty.

It is important to say that all State electric water heaters for the whole house water heating utilize premium features such as the Blue Diamond glass coating, DynaClean Sediment Cleaning System, and CoreGard anode rod protection.

Best models

The best State electric water heater is Premier HPX-50-DHPTNE, an electric unit that uses the heat pump to maximize performance and provide the most cost-effective solution. The main features of this hybrid model include:

  • Ultra-high energy efficiency of up to 3.24
  • Up to 3 showers can be taken at the same time
  • Four operating heating modes
  • Electronic user interface with the digital display, advanced diagnostics, and easy programming
  • High quality and strong heating elements with thy dry fire protection
  • Heavy-duty anode rod
  • 10-year warranty
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