Solar water heater savings

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Find out how to save on water heating when using the solar water heater.

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May 25, 2010
Solar water heaters and how to save
by: Tyron

With the high fuel prices today, solar water heaters and utilizing the sun free energy is the right solution to save on water heating. But even with the free solar energy it is also important to get the maximum of the system and properly designing the heating system.

Follow the next steps to reduce the energy consumption and save on water heating:

- The easiest way to reduce the energy when heating the water is to check your thermostat setting to see what is the temperature of hot water. Recommended temperature is 120 F as it doesn't produce the scalding water and it is saving on water heating. This temperature is proper for homes that are not using the dishwasher.

- Low-flow showerheads or flow restrictors in faucet are also important to install and to save on water heating and water usage.

- Buy an insulation blanket or jacket and wrap in around the solar water heater tank to reduce the heat loss and therefore, save. Insulate the plumbing pipes also. Look for the high insulation value, R.

- Location of your solar panels is the most important part if you want to get the most of your solar water heater and have maximum saving for water heating.

Have the maximum exposure of the sunlight by following the next steps:

- Your solar heating panels, if oriented south will have a maximum sun exposure. If this is not possible, than southwest or southeast are also recommended.

- Install the collector on the roof if possible and with the slope of 20 degrees. As the sun's angle is changing have the maximum saving on your water heater by optimizing the solar collector angle, it should be tilted at an angle of the local latitude.

- Avoid shading, especially between 9 AM and 3 PM.

- The distance between solar panels and solar tank should be the shortest so the saving are the highest.

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