Rinnai r75lsi

by Derek

I purchased Rinnai R75lsi last year for my home with two baths, and since then it is running perfectly. I have spent close to $1000 for the unit plus installation cost. But it was worth it.

I like the idea of not heating the water 24/7 and have an abundance of hot water available any time. As the R75lsi model is direct vent, I had lots of flexibility to install it wherever I want. It has a great modern design so installing it in the kitchen or any other room was also an option.

This is an Energy Star unit so I was able to get some money back, and save money with the grants and rebates.

It came with an integrated digital controller which allows me to see what is going on with the unit, it has an error code indicator.

I had some minor problems with my Rinnai R75lsi:

First as I have a long pipe run I had to wait at least a minute or two before I get the hot water. If you are replacing the old conventional tank type water, be aware that you need to adjust your usage habits. It is not designed for small jobs, like hand washing where a short burst of hot water is needed. What I personally don't like is how sensitive my Rinnai is when it comes to the minimum water flow needed to activate the unit.

Other than that, I would recommend Rinna R75lsi, indoor model, for people who have a middle size home with 2-3 bathrooms.

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