Richmond Gas Water Heaters 

Richmond gas water heaters are designed and built by the Rheem manufacturer, a leader in the water heating industry for residential and commercial applications.

Use this article to find the popular gas water heaters from Rheem/Richmond, including Energy Star models, models with the regular and high hot water demand, for heavy-duty applications, mobile homes, power and direct vented, and other LP and natural gas models.

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Richmond gas water heater
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Richmond offers an extensive line of gas water heaters. The gas series is available from 28-gallon tank size to 100-gallon capacity, all designed to meet the consumer and household needs for hot water.

For example, fast recovery models are used when several showers are working simultaneously, so an ample supply of hot water is available. These are called Heavy Duty water heaters, and you can buy them with a 6, 9, or 12-year warranty.

Atmospheric vent

This group has the largest selection of gas water heaters, covering sizes from 29 to 100 gallons, and is available in all three warranty options.

Richmond gas water heater 12G50-40F1 is the only 50-gallon model with a 12-year warranty, and it provides a high first-hour rating, 83 gallons per hour, and a high recovery rate of 40.4 GPH at 90 F rise. The other two models are 40-gallon units that use propane and natural gas.

The highest first-hour rating among 9-year warranty models is found on the 50-gallon model 9G50-38F1 and is 90 GPH. The highest recovery rate at 90 F rise has the short 40-gallon model 9G40S-40F1 and is 40.4 GPH.

You can also find atmospheric vent Richmond hot water heaters in the range from the smallest 29 to the largest 100-gallon tank grouped in two categories. One is for the regular demand families, with two sizes; short and tall, and with the capacity range from 29 to 50 gallons. The maximum first-hour rating in this group is for the model 6G50-38F1 and is 90 GPH at 90 F rise.

If there is a high hot water demand inside your home, you might want to choose a Richmond gas water heater that is high duty where the tank sizes are from 60 to 100 gallons, first-hour rating ranges from 106 to 135 gallons per hour, and recovery from 50.5 to 75.8 GPH at 90 F rise. All these high duty models have high BTU input for fast recovery.

Power vent models

Richmond power vent models are designed as 40 and 50-gallon models with the industry's most common, 6-year limited warranty. Contrary to other Richmond gas water heaters that use the pilot light to light the main burner, power vent models use the hot surface ignition, which is more stable and reliable.

The models from this series are equipped with an electric blower; they can be installed up to 100 ft. from the outside wall. Another advantage over other models is an integrated self-diagnostic system control.

Heavy-duty power vent water heaters also use 3" PVC, ABS, or CPVS vent pipe but with a maximum of 45 ft. from the outside wall. 6G75PV-75F is the 75-gallon model with an excellent first-hour rating of 130 GPH and 75.8 GPH (90 F rise) recovery rate.

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Direct vent

Richmond gas water heater with the direct vent installation has a 6-year warranty. DV models are installed close to the outside wall to directly extract the products of combustion out, eliminating the need for the chimney, like with the atmospheric vent models.

The 6" coaxial vent system is designed for easy and flexible installation as it can swivel 360 degrees. Two sizes are available, the most popular 40 and 50-gallon tank capacity both using natural or propane gas, where the maximum 40.4 GPH at 90 F rise and first-hour rating of 80 GPH is found on the 50-gallon model 6GDV50F.

Mobile home models

Richmond mobile home gas water heaters are available as the atmospheric vent and direct vent models. Both atmospheric and direct vent models come with a 6-year warranty on tank and parts, and they are specially designed and UL approved for the manufactured housing.

There are four available sizes: 29, 30, 40, and 50 gallons, where atmospheric vent gas water heater 6V50FT has the highest recovery rate of 38.4 GPH at 90 F rise, while direct vent model MVR50DV has the highest first-hour rating of 67 GPH.

Ultra-low NOx gas models

Richmond manufacturer is, like other well-known companies in the water heating industry, also offering eco-friendly models. These units are designed to reduce the emission of harmful gases, achieve high efficiency and comply with the low NOx emission standards.

A new burner is made of 100% high-grade stainless steel that is scale resistant, and its design allows even flame distribution and optimum heat transfer.

All the Richmond Ultra-low NOx models, from 28 to 50-gallon tank size, still offer the Integra FVIR system, high-quality anode rod with the resistor, and EverKleen self-cleaning system.

Depending on the quality of the internal components, you can buy a water heater either with the 6, 9, or 12-year warranty. The maximum first-hour rating is 91 GPH found on 48 and 50-gallon models.


One of the greatest features of all Rheem and Richmond gas water heaters, which are also applicable to all 9 and 12-year warranty models, is the EverKleen self-cleaning system.

The EverKleen cleaning system reduces the risk of sediment and lime buildup due to the special design on the dip tube part (inlet tube), which creates turbulence at the bottom of the tank. The EverKleen system improves tank life and maintains design efficiency.

The Integra system features Flammable Vapor Resistant Technology (FVIR) that is ANSI compliant. The FVIR design allows Richmond gas water heaters to shut off the combustion chamber when the flammable vapor incident occurs. Integra system is what proves Richmond's dedication to building efficient and reliable gas water heaters.

The Integra system keeps the arrestor plate clean of the lint, dust, and oil so non-contaminated air can enter the combustion chamber. This is what gives us, users, a convenience, as there is no maintenance or cleaning needed.

Other standard features found on the Richmond gas water heater are the R-tech resistor anode rod for long and reliable tank life, low NOx burner, low input pilot light system to reduce the wasted energy during standby periods, and TPR valve factory installed.

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The Richmond manufacturer offers three different warranty options; 6, 9, and 12-year, which are based on the quality of the inner parts used.

Richmond hot water heaters with a 6-year limited warranty can be found in sizes from the smallest 29-gallon tank to the biggest 100-gallon capacity, all of them for residential hot water application. This is the largest group, with many gas water heaters to choose from; direct vent, power vent, or mobile housing. The 6-year warranty models are equipped with standard quality parts.

Richmond gas water heaters that come with the 9-year limited are available only in 40 and 50-gallon tank sizes, with the short and tall sizes. These models are equipped with the EverKleen self-cleaning system that fights sediment buildup, heavy-duty anode rod for longer tank life and low input pilot light to reduce the energy waste. Rigid foam insulation helps in heat retention, and extra-durable high-temperature dip tube to meet strict plumbing rules.

Richmond gas water heaters with a 12-year limited warranty are fast recovery (40.4 GPH) that also feature the EverKleen self-cleaning system, heavy-duty anode rod, low input pilot light, extra durable high-temperature dip tube, and specifically for this group heat trap fittings to increase the efficiency.

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