Rheem Electric Water Heaters Review

Rheem electric water heaterRheem electric water heater (hybrid)

Rheem electric water heaters come in a wide range of models and types, from the smallest point-of-use to large whole-house models, where some are less, some ultra-efficient, such as the electric heat pumps.

The quality and number of features vary so as the warranty; Marathon models come with a lifetime warranty, while the standard units have the industry average 6-year warranty.

Rheem electric water heaters can be purchased through online stores like Amazon, hardware chain stores like Home Depot, or through the Rheem distributors.

Rheem electric water heaters: What to look for


Rheem electric water heaters are designed for every budget and home size, from the point-of-use to large models, built with the storage tank or tankless technology.

Rheem electric models are found in three groups; Professional, Performance, and Specialty line. Every group is attractive for shoppers; Professional due to the professional-grade components and quality features, Performance is a group where one can purchase a heat pump and the Specialty line where most of the tankless water heaters and high-quality Marathon series can be found.

All models have an energy efficiency of over 90%, but none of the standard models is Energy Star rate, except the heat pumps.

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Features and benefits

Rheem electric water heaters, like its gas counterparts, are equipped with high-quality parts, where some are patented by Rheem, such as models from the Professional series. The list of the main features is below and is found mainly on the tank-type heaters.

Heating elements. Lifeguard electric heating elements, for example, are the premium low-watt electric elements, so they can provide more heating power by eliminating the high heat concentration, therefore, prolonging the element's life. The Incoloy stainless steel sheath is resistant to aggressive water action and burn-out.

Anode rod. The patented R-Tech anode rod is made of magnesium and incorporates a special resistor that protects the water heater tank from corrosion.

Long warranty. Due to the premium-grade anode rod and the self-cleaning system found on some units, Rheem can provide an extended 12-year warranty for the tank and its parts.

Sediment build-up protection. In order to protect the electric water heaters from the sediment build-up, Rheem incorporates the EverKleen self-cleaning system so the unit can reduce the sediment build-up, provide more hot water while reducing the energy costs.

Tank lining. Every water heater is designed with the Rheemglass feature, which incorporates the porcelain enamel tank lining that extends the life of the tanks by preventing the tank from corrosion.

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Best Rheem electric water heaters to buy

Tank type

The best Rheem electric water heaters to buy can be found in the Marathon and High-Efficiency series.

Marathon water heaters are the most durable electric models from the Rheem manufacturer as utilizing a seamless polybutene water tank warranted not to leak as opposed to standard metal type.

Most of the heating elements are made of stainless steel, while Marathon's lower heating element is made of titanium and the upper one with the dry-firing protection. Such a quality, lightweight design, and limited lifetime warranty are what makes this electric water heater unique and recommended by the experts.

The High-Efficiency series with several models available come with the premium quality anode rod and two heating elements made of stainless steel, all built for the long operation.

The self-cleaning system has a specially designed dip tube to reduce the mineral deposits, while the PlusOne water management system introduces the control panel for setting the temperature and operating modes, including the diagnostic system for simpler troubleshooting and digital display for convenient use.

The electric models come with a long 12-year warranty.


Rheem tankless water heaters from the RTEX series are a perfect choice for homeowners who prefer on-demand water heating. Built small but powerful, RTEX models offer an endless and consistent supply of hot water not only to a single fixture but multiple, especially models such as RTEX-24, RTEX-27, or RTEX-36.

Having the power from 24 kW to 36 kW and due to its ability to modulate the power, all the models can be used for the whole-house water heating. Modulation helps in adjusting the power to meet the hot water demand while providing high water flow rates of up to 8 GPM and efficiency up to 99.8%, followed by greater savings than the tank-type.

Hybrids or heat pump water heaters

Rheem hybrid are found in both Professional and Performance series, utilizing combined work of the heat pump and electric heating elements, and operated and controlled by the advanced electronics.

This combination results in an ultra-high efficiency of up to 3.70 and Energy Star approval, providing great energy savings and incentives to the users. Other advantages over the standard electric type include more advanced features, flexible operation, and higher first-hour rating, making the heat pump a good buy that will pay off in a few years.

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