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by Joy

I am looking to buy 40-gallon tank type water heater from an American company. Between Rheem, AO Smith and Brandford White I have decided to go with Rheem. Reason, my father has it and he is happy... so good recommendation for Rheem.

Electric water heater is my only option and I am planning to install it in my garage. How should I select the right model? Which model do you recommend? Is Fury a good model or Warrior series. What about Professional group? I am confused, please help. I just need a simple 40 gallons electric water heater and to be affordable.

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Jun 04, 2010
Best Rheem 40 gallon electric water heater
by: Zee from water heater reviews

The are several Rheem 40-gallon electric water heaters available, and all of them are having almost the same features: energy factor is 0.95, the first hour rating is 56 gph, recovery rate is 21 gph at 90 F temperature rise, size and operating costs. Self cleaning system used for sediment buildup is the standard feature.

Now the question is what is the difference?

Warranty is one. This is why I recommend Imperial 83XR40-2 electric model, which has the standard 10-year warranty. Imperial model is designed for high volume applications. Both heating elements are high efficiency and are made of stainless steel. Heating elements are low watt density, resistant to water corrosion and burn-out even in air or sediment. They provide a long element life and performance while eliminating the high heat concentration.

Imperial 83XR40-2 electric model also provides high corrosion protection as it is equipped with the premium grade anode rod.

Second 40 gallon electric water heater model, which I personally prefer is Rheem Marathon, probably the best of all Rheem electric units.

This model doesn't use a steel metal tank. It is constructed from the seamless, blow-molded, polybutene tank that is resistant to rust and corrosion. Since the unit doesn't have the metal tank that automatically eliminates the need for the anode rod.

The only disadvantage of Marathon series is the price, which is around $900.

There is only one 40-gallon model, MR40245 and this model has the energy factor of 0.94.

Upper heating element is thermally fused which provides protection against dry-firing. Lower element has the stainless steel incoloy resistant to lime build-up.

Great advantage is the lifetime warranty.

This Marathon model is larger than other 40-gallon Rheem electric water heaters but with 90 lbs is lighter. First hour rating is 52 and recovery is 20 gph. at 90 F rise.

You asked about 40-gallon Rheem Warrior... this electric water heater is actually designed for manufactured housing and also has a weak warranty, which is only 5 years... don't bother.

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