Rheem 22V50F1 Review

by Jordan
(Denver region)

Rheem 22V50F1 is our 50 gallon water heater that we purchased a year ago for our home in Denver, Colorado. I have been searching through many websites and read countless reviews for the best solution for residential water heating of my 1400 sq. ft home.

As always Amazon provided good selection with probably the most user reviews. So we bought it from them.

Our Rheem 50 gallon water heater was rated 4 stars so we thought why not, especially after we read the reviews.

We wanted a natural gas water heater made by the well-known manufacturer (because of the availability in parts and technicians) and something that is affordable. So we found Rheem 22V50F1 a tall unit from Fury series.

What I like with our gas water heater is the system, Everklin I think, that fights the sediment buildup. Our water hardness is pretty high, so we needed something that will at least reduce the potential problem. I didn't want to play troubleshooting and be on the phone all the time with the Rheem customer support.

The unit heats the water pretty fast, operates very smooth and so far it is reliable. The only comment I have is when my wife is using hot water for dish-washing, for example, I can feel the temperature change under the shower (hot-cold sandwiches is the right term I think).

The unit comes with the preset temperature of 120 so if you need higher temperature it is easy to use the settings at the bottom, on the gas valve.

This Fury model also comes with the Guardian System with no filter to clean as other brands I was looking.

The only cons will be a short warranty, which I think is 6 years. To be honest I had an option to buy an extended warranty through the Protection Plus plan but I didn't want to pay an extra.

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Mar 16, 2012
Wouldn't buy Rheem again
by: Al

I purchased a Rheem 22V50Fl a few months back at the behest of our plumbing company. The old one which was an A.O.Smith was better than the new one. The Rheem just doesn't heat water and has very slow recovery time. I have it set on Very Hot and it is new and even at that it doesn't even fill the Jacuzzi bathtub at half full before it is tepid, ridiculous.

I should have done more research before letting the plumbing company sell me this dud. They just aren't making things like they used to. I feel I totally wasted my money and am disgusted that I changed and updated and have less hot water.

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