Replacing an old storage tank type water heater...

by Rees

I have a large 2-story house and planning to replace the existing storage tank type water heater that uses the natural gas, with something more efficient and maybe smaller.

Since the plumbing has long runs and very often I have to wait for some time before getting the hot water for shower or dishes, what options do I have? I have read about the instantaneous point-of-use heaters and re-circulation pumps... what is the recommendation? Any help is appreciated. BTW I like your site... so many in-dept reviews.

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Sep 26, 2015
Options for faster hot water delivery
by: SM

One of the solutions for your problem might be installing the recirculation pump which will provide hot water almost instantaneously.

Second option is to buy a new tankless water heater with the factory installed recirculation system or a water heater that can use an external circulation pump. I recommend Korean Navien or Japanese Noritz. Off course there are pros and cons of both systems.

Keep in mind that recirculation will provide hot water fast, but will also force the tankless heater to operate short cycles, which will decrease its efficiency and shorten its life. Look for the tankless water heater with the buffer tank built-in which prevents the cold water-sandwiches, or temperature fluctuation. Since the tankless system is different from the tank-type heaters, the gas line has to be properly and per codes upgraded, including the vent system.

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