Reliance propane 30 gallon hot water heater

by Donald
(Orange Grove, Tx USA)

August 1st, 2019 purchased a Reliance 30-gallon hot water propane heater from McCoy's in Texas. Install the water heater everything seemed to be okay when the temperature which is preset at the lowest high heat temperature. The temperature of the water was 140 degrees. Since this was too hot for me I turned the hot water heater down to vacation mode, and it was still a hundred and forty degrees two days later. Turned the hot water heater down to Pilot and let the water cool down to room temperature. And the hot water heater was turned back to Vacation mode and the hot water heater promptly went up to 140 degrees and stayed there. Since I had just installed this hot water heater I called customer service at Reliance and told them my problem. They told me I did not have a problem that the problem was I didn't use enough hot water. And they would not replace the thermostat since I had installed the hot water heater in a mobile home. And their warranty did not cover that. There was no warranty in the box with the hot water heater. There was nothing on the box that said I couldn't install this in a mobile home. McCoy's didn't tell me that I couldn't install this in a mobile home if I wanted a warranty. The thermostat is defective, but Reliance water heaters will not honor the warranty because of this. I will not buy another Reliance hot water heater.

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