Paloma tankless water heater diagnosis

by Zee from water heater reviews

How to diagnose problems on Paloma tankless water heaters. Find the most common problems and troubleshooting codes on Paloma water heaters.

Is your Paloma unit not producing enough hot water or water is cold?

Is the hot water too hot for your shower?

Do you have problems with the low heater performance and faulty inner component parts?

If your Paloma unit is not working or have problems described above and it shows the error code on the display, always try to reset the system first before calling the technician. If the code still exists take the corrective active to fix the problem. Proper diagnose means easy and cheaper fix.

If your Paloma tankless unit shows the error code 11 or 12 there are several possible causes:

  • If there is an interruption in the gas supply open the gas shutoff valve fully or call the utility company.

  • Check is there air in the gas line. Bleed all air from the gas line.

  • Make sure that Paloma unit is properly grounded.

  • Gas supply system has to be properly sized.

  • Check is there an obstruction in the venting system. Your Paloma water heater has to properly vent the gases out and have sufficient amount of fresh air for gas combustion.

  • Error code 15 on the controller display:

  • Water flow inside the unit is too low. Open the hot water faucet to provide enough water flow for the unit.

  • Check for the sediment buildup that might cause the water flow restriction (error code 1L can also indicate the lime buildup). Your water heater needs flushing.

  • Error code 05 or 13 are available on Paloma indoor water heaters only, as they are dealing with the problem related to the proper venting and fresh air intake. Use this article to see what it means when Paloma tankless water heater shows 05 error code.

    Error code 99 is related to the Paloma outdoor units only, and it shows that the blower motor have decreased its performance. Solution for this problem is to check the blower motor for blockage or to clean the dirty heat exchanger fins.

    In order to diagnose the problem properly and troubleshoot effectively, my recommendation is to use the Paloma tankless water heater manual or call the tech support.

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    Oct 08, 2015
    Direct me to the Right tech help
    by: Catherine

    I am having same problem with Fred R. Water is either Very Hot or Cold. It does not stay at a comfortable temp for one to finish a shower after you mix water and running it for ages to get to the comfortable temperature you need.

    Where do I find tech advise online for this.

    I feel that this is worst system.

    Feb 02, 2013
    Help with moving from ignite to working status
    by: Tom herlihyAnonymous

    My ph6dp cannot transfer from ignited pilot to burner position without shutting off. About 4 years ago I replaced this water heater in kind for the very same reason. I am beside myself now about purchasing a Paloma product a second time. I am thinking that it may be a thermocouple. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

    May 13, 2011
    Help with Palomar Tankless
    by: Fred Raia

    We just had an older model installed. It was a brand new unit. There is no error code. The facet has to be opened to its furthest left (hot) position to get any hot water. Water goes cold for no reason. We never had a problem with same facet and a regular tank water heater. There is no way to get the water to mix so it is warm. It is either very hot or very cold. What can we do about this?

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