by Gilberft Dufour
(toronto canada)

If you are thinking getting a tankless water heater think about it. It can take up to 75 seconds to get hot water, if you do not have a recirculation loop in your house forget it.

The Rheem does not have a buffer tank in the unit
You will have to get install a re circulation and a mini water tank to keep a certain quantity of hot water to be used until the tank warms up the rest of the water you need.

But if you go for Navien NPE series you will need just the re circulation loop as that brand has the buffer tank inside the unit. And you have an app to change the temperature of the water from any-where in your house.

If i knew that i would go for that one and the price is less then Rheem and better guaranty.

Do not trust any sell rep who come to your home do you research before you go for any tankless water heater.

And know your house plumbing.

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