No hot water in shower

by Harold

I have an electric water heater, tank type in my basement. I was using hot water last night, and didn't have any problem. There was nothing unusual, like the last 5 years, except the anode rod replacement.

This morning I have noticed, no hot water in shower. The water is cold. I have checked the fuse, it was OK. I even reset the heater, still nothing. Are the heating elements problem? How to check?

Please help.

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May 13, 2010
dealing with the heating elements
by: Zee from water heater reviews

As said before one of the main reasons why you don't have hot water for shower or dishwashing for example, or there is not enough hot water, is that your heating element is burned out or dry fired. This is one of the common reasons why your electric water heater is not working properly.

Testing a burned out heating element is easy. Always turn off the electric unit when working. Remove the cover and disconnect all wires from the heating element. Use the tester, place one probe on each of the terminals of the heating element. The heating element is defective if there is no continuity. Replace it with the new one which has the same characteristics.

If there is continuity, do the following.

Place one test probe on one heating element terminal and one on the tank shell (ground). If there is a continuity in both elements heater's element is gone.

When replacing the heating elements and before you turn the power on, MAKE SURE the tank is full of water and heating elements are submerged.

May 13, 2010
How to fix electric water heaters
by: Jamie

You said the fuse is not a problem...

My first thought when troubleshooting an electric water heater is to check the heating elements.

What can happened with the heating elements is the
dry firing; when the heating element inside the tank of your electric water heater is burned out as it was only partially submerged in water, or not at all.

Another reason for dry firing is when the elements are covered with the sediments from the hard water. The solution is to replace the faulty element and make sure it is fully submerged in water.

You might also have a short circuit to the ground, which is resulting heating elements to constantly operate and heat the water. As the ECO is the safety device (it is part of the thermostat) it prevents your electric water heater from overheating, there will be a constant ECO reset button activation.

Also check the wire connection, they might be loose or wrong wiring. Check the manufacturer instructions for the right wiring and clean the wires from the oxidation.

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