New State Premier Energy Efficient Power Direct Vent, Solar or Tankless State Water Heater?

by Sandi
(United States)

We are trying to decide on a tankless vs solar water heater w/electric not gas backup so we can use our solar electric and the New State Premier Energy efficient power direct vent.

We have a 2 story house with 3 bathrooms, a washer and dishwasher and want a family of 5 to be comfortable having plenty of hot water. We want to lower our bills and help the environment. As I said we do have solar but not solar water heating. Can you give feedback on best?Also why is the New state more energy efficient than the tankless?

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May 13, 2010
Buy State, it is an American manufacturer
by: Anonymous

Buy American. State tankless water heaters are as good as these Japanese or Korean water heaters. They are using similar gas valves, fans, vent material, sensors, controls... so why not to support our economy. 505 series is what will suit your needs as their maximum hot water capacity is 9.4 gallons per minute.

May 11, 2010
Selecting the right State Water Heater
by: Zee from hotwatertalk.com

It is a great idea to take advantage of the free solar renewable energy, help the environment and reduce the greenhouse gases.

If you live in southern parts of US, solar water heating can replace over 70% of your water heating costs... and with the electric backup you are good to go. You have a solar water heater, but no solar water heating, if I am not mistaken. Expect to pay few thousands of dollars for solar panels, and other equipment, plus installation. You can take advantage of the government grants, to reduce the cost.

Tankless is also good idea, State tankless water heaters are good quality as other manufacturers and very similar to AO Smith, State parent company. Look for the EF, energy factor .82 or higher, which are Energy Star qualified and eligible for government grants also. The average price is around $1000. I recommend Noritz, Navien, Rinnai also.

Premier power direct vent you are looking for is the condensing water heater whose thermal efficiency is over 90 % (here is 96%), and this is very similar unit (if not the same) as Vertex from AO Smith. Condensing water heaters are best of the best, they can reduce the cost significantly due to its ability to steal the energy from venting gases and therefore increase the efficiency.

State Premier power direct vent is the 50-gallon condensing water heater but provides higher recovery rate than 75-gallon conventional State heater which is more than enough for your size family.

If you keep your options open for other manufacturer, check out tankless condensing like Noritz for example. Expensive but great. As other tankless water heaters, they provide an endless hot water, on demand, save on space and have high thermal efficiency of over 93%.
Look also for the water heaters that are using low NOx burners.

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