Navien CH Condensing Boilers: Review and Buying Tips

Navien CH condensing boilerNavien CH

Navien on-demand water heaters from the CH-series: CH-180, CH-210, and CH-240 are extra-efficient combination boilers that are designed for potable water and space heating, including the hydronic radiator, radiant floor, baseboard, and air handler heating, utilizing tankless and condensing technology. Check out our review of the best Navien heaters.

The Navien CH-ASME group comprises the three models, which are different in power, flow rate and designed for a variety of applications.

The Eco-friendly gas burner uses the pre-mixed air-gas mixture to produce less CO2 and NOx gases than the conventional type, and thanks to the GARC system, Navien ensures the right air/gas ratio for optimal gas combustion.

The gas burner is modulating, so it can work in the range from the minimum 17,000 BTU to the maximum of 199,000 BTU/hr while the maximum flow rate is 8.4 GPM (at 45 F rise), which is sufficient for medium-size homes and families.

When the Navien CH boiler is used in home space heating, its ASA control system automatically adjusts the temperature if the air temperature inside the room changes.

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Features review

  • The ultra-high energy efficiency of 91% for natural gas and 92% for propane.
  • Optimal combustion with the GARC system.
  • Auto-sensing and adaptive heating system.
  • Usage in potable water and hydronic space heating.
  • Primary and secondary stainless steel heat exchangers for low energy loss. Due to the high corrosion resistance, they last longer than the conventional type.
  • Low NOx emission thanks to the Eco-friendly burner.
  • Automatic water filling system if there is a water shortage in the water heating system.
  • Indoor and outdoor installation (based on the model).
  • Safe and reliable electronic ignition.
  • Standard 3/4" connections.
  • Flexible direct venting includes PVC, flexible aluminum, and SS and ABS pipes for the air intake and PP and CPVC for the exhaust. Pipes lengths up to 100 feet for the fast and straightforward installation.
  • Remote control for the convenient and intelligent control and monitoring.
  • Outdoor sensor for the automatic regulation with the changes in the outside temperature.
  • The built-in carbon monoxide monitoring system and a water leak detector for additional safety.
  • Warranty of 10 years on heat exchangers and 5 on parts.
  • The price is from $1200 to $2000.


Models / Specs CH-180ASME CH-210ASME CH-240ASME
Gas input (BTU) 17,000
Water flow (GPM)
(30 F temp. rise)
6.2 7.3 8.4
Energy efficiency 91-92% 91% 91%
Temp. settings (F) 98-140 98-140 98-140
Energy consumption (Watts) 200 200 200
Weight (lbs) 74 84 84
Max. vent length (ft) 100 100 100

According to the features from above, we can see that Navien CH condensing water heaters truly offer cutting-edge technology, which results in the most efficient water and space heating, with great savings and reduction in greenhouses gases.

With the high gas input of around 199,900 BTU, the above tankless units are ideal for installation anywhere in the house, outside, and in applications such as the baseboard, in-floor radiant, and air handler heating. These units can supply enough hot water for almost any house size, while for the high demanding, the cascading system can be applied.

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