My State Water Heater costs $20/month to operate than previous models

by Y Wilson
(South Florida)

My new State propane hot water heater was sold to me by my propane supplier, and installed by a plumber recommended by them 6/28/18. From day 1, all the settings on the Honeywell thermostat run too hot. The vacation (lowest) setting heats to 120F. The first time I called State in December, they sent me a new thermostat free of charge. The second time I called, when the thermostat replacement didn't correct the issue, they sent me another thermostat, also free of charge. (Their warranty does not cover any labor involved!) The third time I called, when the 2nd thermostat replacement didn't correct the issue, they told me that they believe the problem is environmental - in other words because I live in FL and the outside temp can be in the lower 90's, the hot water heats to 120F! When I told them that it didn't make sense, they suggested I have one of their approved plumbing companies troubleshoot it. Also, labor not covered. That plumber said he tested to make sure it kicked on when he turned up the thermostat and turned off when he lowered it, said there was nothing else he could do, it was probably that I didn't actually turn it down to the vacation setting far enough (past the mark on the thermostat?!!!).

The situation is still not resolved. I sent a letter to them. A month later they called me and told me that as a courtesy they would ship me a new water heater, but labor was not included. So far, this water heater has cost me $20 extra/month in excess propane usage for a year, $250 in labor, 3 wasted vacation days to meet with the various plumbers, and it would cost another $400 installation if I accepted a new one free of charge. So I sent a letter to the VP of North America Water Heaters at AO Smith (parent company of State). It's been 3 weeks and no response. Altho I always believed them to be a reputable company, I don't accept that this is how you stand behind your products. Everything about the way they have handled this issue, regardless if it's a unique problem, has been terrible customer service!

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