My State LP Gas 50 gal. hot water tank is noisy

by Brian E.
(Concord, NH)

My Master plumber installed a new State 50 gal. 50K BTU LP Gas hot water heater approx. 3 weeks ago. After connecting and starting the tank, the burner was making an extremely loud resonating noise that was echoing and giving off a low-frequency sound throughout the house on 1st-floor living area.

I have sent State many emails (which they have replied) and ended up recommending a local State authorized Service tech. I have called them several times and they are too busy and won't even book an appointment. State said I had to use this one and only company. I have an authorization # from State to look at the tank.
Not sure what to do next, if I have my plumber remove it I won't be getting another State they have a built-in burner flaw that is just too noisy.

My 11 yr. old Rheem was so quiet that we never heard it run, we are quite surprised at the 10x the sound of the noise from this water tank. Not sure what to trust next when I get another? There are no decibel ratings on hot water tanks who would have thought a water tank with only a gas burner would be noisy? This unit is not electrified, no fans, blowers, power exhaust ..... just a noisy burner.
A solution, State should take this unit back and refund me for a poor design product. My plumber did an excellent connect job and even came back after I told him how noisy the tank was. He ran some water column test and pressure test, all was normal. My plumber should not have to eat this defective design.
I just want the noise to stop when burner running.

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