My Rheem Power Vent 2 is showing themostat failure

by Mr Les Showers
(Bradford Ontario CANADA)

In Sept. of 09 I was having a problem with my power vent coming on and then off several times before it would finally stay on so the unit could then cycle to fire up the burner. I call Rheem Tech Service and they suggested I may have water in my pressure switch and advised to vacuum it, which I did and it has only done this same failure a few times since.

My latest problem this time being the red light indicator came on solid indicating thermostat failure. My heater is just over 6 years old. Called Rheem but all they could suggest was the same as what noted in the service manual, replace thermostat. I have since found if I unplugged the power source, sometimes a couple of times the thermostat would reset itself and it would fire up.
My complaint with Rheem is that a new thermostat here in Canada is $299 dollars to replace+tax+service. The tank here in Canada is only warrantied for 6 years but not the thermostat.

I contact Rheem in the US and found that the tank and thermostat are warrantied for 6 years +3 months. I also found the thermostat price to be one third of the price here in Canada of course they can not sell directly to customer.

In my opinion Rheem Canada are not providing reasonable valued parts to Canadian Consumers.
A brand new tank is priced at $844 + our lovely 13% HST.
This thermostat should realistically not be valued at any more than $100 dollars.
I also found a GE same size tank in Lowes for the same price but they offer at no extra charge a 6 year warranty which covers the thermostat. What does this say for Rheem Canada?

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Feb 16, 2020
Noticed a pattern
by: Rodney

I have had the same problem.
One thing I found very interesting. I ran out of water softener salt and the silly thing worked great for two weeks then I realized the water was getting really hard and as soon as I replenished the salt the issue returned. Apparently it is really related to the electronic front module that overlays the top of the actual gas control and ignition transformer. I lean away from it being an issue with anything related to the actual burner since no water connection. I do think however it could be related to maybe a capacitor on the board as the temperature sensing is in contact with the water and could be affected by dissipation changes related to the ground plane of the circuit board.

Dec 26, 2011
Regarding Rheem Power Vent
by: Anonymous

Thank you Mr Showers.

We read your comments on Rheem Power Vent for a solid light and thought we had to replace the gas thermometer. We read what you did and it worked after unplugging and plugging the power a couple of times. You saved us money and frustration. Thank you again.

Dec 02, 2011
Same Problem with Rheem water heater
by: Paul

Bought new tank and had the same problem within one year, was under warranty. Four months later the same problem occurred, no warranty this time and yes the bill was about $300. For the last few years I have gotten away with unplugging and plugging back the power source, but not anymore. Four years later I am replacing this Rheem tank,,guess what, not a Rheem product this time or ever. Worst money ever spent.

May 25, 2011
Rheem Tanks
by: Anonymous

I'm an installing contracted and I used to use Rheem tanks exclusively. I have now been forced to switch brands because of a high failure rate with Rheem tanks. Most of the Rheem tanks I installed were for good customers and when Rheem wouldn't stand behind their product I felt an obligation to pick up on their lack of responsibility and repair the tanks at my expense and not charge the customer. This has cost me $1000's but since I supplied and installed the tank I felt some responsibility, too bad Rheem doesn't feel the same way.

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