My New CraftMaster water heater makes noise

by Dan Sanders
(Scotts Valley, CA)

I installed this water heater about one month ago. From day one when you open the hot water on any faucet after about 20 seconds there is a loud hum from the pipes. It is so loud my neighbors hear it.

As I said, all faucets cause this, kitchen, bath room faucet and shower, and the washing machine.

I did up the size of the heater from 20 to 30 gallons. None of the pipes were changed except for new nipples on the water lines that connect to the heater.

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Nov 11, 2011
Solution for water heater humming noise
by: Zee from water heater reviews

The humming noise from your water heater is usually related to the vibration and the heat traps. There will be a restriction in the water line and through the heat traps. The balls that are in the nipples, which are connected to the plumbing, prevent the back flow and the heat loss. If the dirt or sediment deposits is stuck there, it will create a pulsating and humming noise when water passes, which will be conducted through the plumbing, water heater and the whole house.

Heat traps are installed to increase the efficiency, which makes water heaters comply with the utility incentive programs; and they can be removed. Heat traps removal won't affect the heating operation and water heater performance, but the energy efficiency will slightly drop, (i.e from .90 to .89).

You can find more info about the water heater noise here.

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