My Eccotemp L5 water heater

by Mark

I have purchased the Eccotemp L5 tankless water heater as I needed a portable unit that will be mobile and compact so I can install and use it whenever I like.

As said this is a gas water heater with the tankless technology, so I love the idea of heating the water on demand. Even with the decent instructions included you have to be a handy man.

It works on propane gas, so when I go to my cottage, no problems for a hot shower, dishes or even hot drinks. As it generates approximately one gallon per minute, it was quite enough for me and my wife. Temperature is adjustable, so you can adjust it from 80 to 150 F.

The only thing I had to provide was the propane tank, while the adapters and fittings were included. Just attach the garden hose and that's it. My recommendation is to use the Teflon tape to prevent leaking as the connection might not be working correctly. The electricity is not needed since it uses the battery.



- Small and compact, so it stores well into your camper, trailer, van...

- Easy installation but you need some skills.

- Fittings included which is a great thing, but you might still have to go to your local hardware store.

- It heats the water from lukewarm to hot so it is OK of nice shower or dishes.

- No electricity needed, it uses the battery which makes it truly portable.


- Some cheaply built components... made in China.

- The slight wind can blow the flame out - my recommendation is to install your Eccotemp L5 water heater somewhere where it is well protected.

- The hot water temperature fluctuates so you might experience cold water sandwiches.

Overall I like the unit; it heats the water to the decent temperature, is mobile so I can carry it wherever I like and have my morning shower.

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