My Bradford White gas WH works but has a terrible Chlorine smell

Bradford White Model MIITW5055CX10 50 Gal.Gas W/H ( 15 yrs old.) Still works great for hot water. My problem is that all of a sudden it is emitting what smells like chlorine into the utility room. It is coming from the tank as the smell is very strong inside the vent at the top of the tank. Any suggestions on what to do?

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Oct 07, 2010
Gas vent is problem
by: geno_3245

If you are getting odors from gas water heater your vent is the problem. Risk of CO poisoning.

Do further research on venting problems for do-it-yourself fix or call plumber.

After burning the hydrogen portion of natural gas, the hot vapors travel up the vent. These gasses include water vapor that condenses on vent pipe. This condensate is acidic and will eat through vent pipes. Also, if you install a new gas furnace with vent blower, the blower vents gas from furnace, but it will push water heater vapors back into room. This happens if both water heater and furnace are on same vent. This is a known issue, and reputable furnace installer should know beforehand. Test it by checking flow of air around gas draft hood when furnace turns on.

After addressing vent problem, most water heater manuals and troubleshooting say that trace amount of chemical in same room with water heater will corrode burner. Read manual for newer water heaters to see full list of chemicals. These chemicals corrode all gas burners. List includes pool chemicals, household bleach ... even in amounts too small for you to smell.

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