low water pressure out of hot water heater

by Kendahl

Suddenly over the last few weeks I have noticed very low water pressure coming out of my John Wood Power Vent hot water heater. It isn't something that has occurred over time it was just one day to the next. If I am doing dishes and I turn on the dishwasher, for example, I will have no more hot water available to me out of my tap. Or, in my shower I have two shower heads, if I try to use both of them with warm water then only one of them will work... If I run only cold out of one and warm out of the other there is no problem but as soon as I try to use warm out of both there just isn't enough for the demand. Any suggestions?

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Jan 23, 2017
New John Wood Gas - low hot water flow
by: Anonymous

Just had a new John Wood 40 gal hot water tank installed, observed low water flow on all household hot water taps, worst is the kitchen sink. Have checked the obvious ensuring the hot water tank tap is fully open and the kitchen nozzle filter is clean. The plumber soldered new fittings on the inlet and outlet of the tank. Could it be possible a loss piece of solder is restricting the flow, or is there some other know flow issue with the John Wood natural gas water heaters.

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