Lochinvar - BAD Experience

by Chris

Lochinvar sold a home owner a brand new 75 gallon power vented hot water heater. The home owner knew that natural gas would be coming to the area soon and requested a model that could be converted from propane to natural gas.

The new unit was installed and (6) months later a call was placed to Lochinvar. A picture of the sticker with the model number on the front of the unit was emailed to Lochinvar. They replied and said that a form had to be filled out for factory authorization to be provided. They said an HVAC contractor must be hired to take readings and complete the form. After the form is submitted, then they will review and approve the sale of a conversion kit.

So $150 worth of testing is done and the form was submitted to Lochinvar. Lochinvar replied that they do not make a conversion kit for that model and that a new unit must be purchased. They had the model number before they sent the form and requested testing, so they could have simply looked it up at that time and saved on the time and trouble of the testing.

So, the home owner is out $150 in testing and must also pay $2600 for a new water heater to replace one that is only (6) months old.

PLEASE DO NOT buy a Lochinvar. This is a true story and I would hate for it to happen to another customer.

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