HTP Water Heater Line

by Zachary Turner
(Oakland, CA )

Hi Zeljko, Here is a study done a few years ago by PG&E in California that compared a number of high performance water heaters: ftp://ftp2.cpuc.ca.gov/PG&E20150130ResponseToA1312012Ruling/2010/04/SB_GT&S_0035504.pdf

The Phoenix by HTP is a stainless steel heater that outperforms any competitor I know of. It also is available in a model with integrated solar, and/or with a module for radiant heating (they call this one the Versa-Hydro). HTP has a full line of high efficiency storage water heaters. They have the wall hung RGH-199 with 3.5 gallon buffer, enough to allow for hot water recirc and preventing the unit from short cycling.

They have the 20 gallon RGH in 75, or 100k btu sizes. Then they have the Phoenix Light Duty and larger Phoenixes up to 399k btu (with dual burner assemblies for built in redundancy).

These units have stainless steel tanks. If your intention is to present an overview of options for quality heaters, we hope you will have a look at this line and include it in your site.

Kind regards, Zachary Turner
JTG Muir, Manufacturer's Representative, Oakland, CA

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