How to replace dip tube on Bradford White water heater

by Zee from water heater reviews

Before replacing a dip tube on Bradford White water heater, make sure that the hot water is not scalding.

Find the gas control valve at the bottom of the water heater and rotate the knob of the valve to OFF position, to stop water heating.

Also, turn the main water to the heater to OFF position. Use the garden hose and connect one side to the drain valve and the other to the drain or outside.

Open the hot water tap and the drain valve so some water from the tank can go out (recommendation is below the inlet connection nipple).

Disconnect the inlet nipple / dip tube from plumbing and remove it from the water heater by using the appropriate wrench tool. Pay attention when removing the dip tube not to damage the threads on the pipe.

Since the water heater is equipped with the hydro-jets system, which allows dip tube to produce the turbulence and reduce the sediment buildup, always check for any blockage and clean it if there is an obstruction. Also check for cracks on the dip tube.

Use the dip tube with the same characteristics and size and replace the old dip tube, in reverse order.

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