How long will solar water heaters last?

by Denis Tindyebwa

Compared to electric, how long will solar water heaters last?

What happens when solar panels malfunction or die?

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Jun 04, 2010
About solar water heaters
by: Tyron

Solar water heating systems, if properly installed and with a regular maintenance should last at least 20 years. Solar panels are mainly maintenance free (cleaning is the only thing) and they come with the average 25 year warranty and low chance of having any type of malfunction.

Life span for the electric water heaters is 5 to 12 years (warranty).

Solar water tank life depends on the same factors as the electric unit which is mainly water condition, quality of the anode rod that protects the metal tank from corrosion... You should also consider other elements used in this system; controls, sensors, the pump...

Solar water heaters have the high initial cost if done by the professional and when compare to the standard electric type heaters. But the main advantage is the usage of the free solar energy which significantly reduces the fuel consumption and payback is 5 to 10 years.

Bottom line... you can make your own solar water heater and since you live in Africa you could have very efficient system that produces hot water all the time. You just need a simple solar water heater, nothing fancy.

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