Hot water issue with a solar tank

by peter Beeman
(ojochal, osa, costa rica)

does calcium inside a solar hot water tank cause a reduction in hot water production when the tank is being heated during the night by the electric heating unit. Have check all components...all are good...voltage is good...thermostat is set correctly...electricity is good. I have had this system for 8 years and no problem but I have noticed my roof is white form the overflow from the tank....calcium I am sure. The water will heat only to about 44c degrees during the night. the water then does not heat very fast until the sun comes out...no problem at all. I live in Costa Rica so the weather is always in my favor....no cooling affect on the tank from the weather....If you have any ideas or if the calcium is the problem with the heating element or thermostat, let me know

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Dec 09, 2018
by: Mark Woodhull

Peter, calcium totally destroyed the heating element on my water heater. Crusted it like a rock. Impossible to break off without damaging the element. Had to buy a new hot water heater. Installed a whole house water softener and filtration system at the same time. No more crusty elements.

Mark Woodhull

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