Hot water heater that doesn't heat the water

by Jason
(West Virginia)

My father purchased a Bosch tankless water heater about 18 months ago. He had a professional plumber install the tank to the specifications that the factory mandates. The unit never did work properly. After hours on the phone with tech support listening to every reason in the book why it wasn't "their" fault , and hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent on a plumber they still will not honor their warranty and replace the unit. The problem with the unit is that whenever you turn on the cold water to make the water warm instead of scalding, the heater shuts off completely leaving you with ice cold water. The factory techs tell us that there is not enough water coming into the unit. Ok easy fix right "just tell us how much water is required". O wait the "tech" isn't allowed to suggest anything like that. My father is so frustrated he wants to take the unit outside and shoot it with a rifle. If there is a class action we want in!!!!!! Bosch aquastar gwh1600 garbage

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Jan 15, 2014
My Bosch/PowerStar AE-125 electric tankless water heater caught on fire.
by: Rebecca P.

I bought my AE-125 tankless water heater in May of 2011 from Menards. I asked their floor rep. if I would have any trouble with this type of water heater, as I have well water, and he assured me No... At first it worked well, but would fluctuate in water temp, so we had to constantly adjust the water when showering. Within' months I was having trouble with it tripping the reset button on the pots, that became a constant problem. you're in the middle of a shower and suddenly blasted with cold water, only to scream for someone to go reset the water heater. Then came the hard water sediment build up, it clogged up my faucets and water lines, as the sediment was chunks that looked more like small gravel.

I called Bosch the manufacturer and explained the problem, and was told to flush the system with vinegar, and to get a water filter as well as a water softener. I already had over $900.00 with the purchase and installation of this water heater, now I had to invest another $400.00 for a filter and softener. not to mention the cost of 2 tubs, 10 gallons of vinegar, and the pump I had to buy to flush the sediment out of the water heater, and my water lines.

Well that seemed to work, all was well after the filter and softener installation, except the water temp still fluctuated or went cold. We'd have to shut the water off, then back on, to kick the heater back on. Then on Dec. 28th 2013 the unit caught on fire. The fire started at the terminal block where all the wires hook up/in. Thank God it tripped my breakers and no further damage was done to my home.

I called Bosch, seems there's no warranty for such circumstances and I'm on my own. Because it was a fire I was told to turn it into my Home owners ins., which I did, and was told I have a $500.00 deductible to pay first. This really sucks as I'm on a very limited disability income and don't have that kind of money. I can buy a good tank heater for what my deductible is. I've spent the last three weeks living like a true pioneer woman, heating water on the stove for doing dishes and for us to bathe, while I try to figure out what route I'm going to take, tank or another tankless, and how I'm going to pay for this unexpected expense.

If anyone know's of a lawsuit against Bosch, or is interested in pursuing one, please contact me at reblynn66@yahoo.com...

Mar 14, 2013
Bosch Water Heater Caught Fire
by: Harry Lieb

Bosch Aquastar 250sx ng only provided intermittent hot water. It was a lot of trouble over the years and today 3/14/2013 it caught fire. It is 6 years old. It is the biggest piece of junk I've ever owned. If we weren't home the house would have burned. We had to throw a bucket of water on it to put it out.

Dec 20, 2011
Our Bosch tankless water heater is catching on fire!
by: cmcdonald3

We've had nothing but problems with our Bosch tankless water heater. It keeps catching on fire! I guess we are lucky compared to some of the other stories I've read, at least they've been sending us "replacements", but we're having to do so on an almost monthly basis and every time it happens we go at least 1 full week without hot water before the new one arrives.

It seems like all my husband does lately is take pictures of the thing so he can send them to Bosch customer service for proof. Then they want a $250 deposit before they will send a new one out. It's ridiculous! I want in if there is a class action!

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