High operating costs on my Rheem water heater

by Mickey
(Toronto, Canada)

I have a Rheem tank type water heater, 8 years old, that is expensive to use now. Water heater is located in my garage and the operating cost (energy consumption) increased. As I know I didn't use more hot water than before, the fuel price didn't change, but my monthly bill is 20% higher.

What is going on? Is it time to change my water heater or there is a simple solution?

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May 19, 2010
Fixing Rheem water heater
by: Dan (Plumber)

I have some ideas what might be wrong with your Rheem water heater and how to troubleshoot it.

Is your Rheem water heater producing water that is too hot? If your thermostat is set too high, you are actually wasting energy and that is why your costs are high. Follow the recommendation from the manufacturer and set the temperature of hot water to the lower settings. 120-135 F temperature is recommended and this is what I am suggesting to my customers.

High operating costs can also be caused by the sediment build up in the tank. Solution for that is to simply drain and flush your water heater.

If one of the hot water faucets is leaking, replace it.

If you have a long runs of hot water piping insulated it to reduce the energy waste.

Check is the cold water piping properly installed... dip tube has to be in the cold water inlet.

Rheem is a good water heater and this problem should be minor, I hope the above will help you solving the problem.

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