Gurgling noise

by Jan
(Chicago area)

How to fix the gurgling noise followed by the green stuff at the faucet aerators? I have a gas-powered tank-type water heater made by State Industries.

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Feb 08, 2014
Aluminum hydroxide problem
by: Sing

The reason for the gurgling noise coming from the water heater is the accumulation of the aluminum hydroxide. The aluminum hydroxide inside the storage water tank is the result of the high pH value of water.

If pH is 8 or higher, which is found in some water sources, water will react with the aluminum anode and generate high quantities of aluminum hydroxide, which can be recognized as jelly beans, or green stuff as you are saying.

The aluminum hydroxide is generated on the sacrificial (anode) rod and at the bottom of the storage tank of your water heater. Most of the time, when the pH value is high, brand new or few months old water heater develop such a problem.

Here is the procedure how to remove the aluminum hydroxide from the water heater and fix the problem with the noise:

Turn the water heater off.

Locate the anode rod at the top of the water heater; the top of the plug has a smooth surface. You can use a wrench to unscrew the rod and remove it from the tank.

Now, use the bottom drain valve to drain all the water from the tank and flush it thoroughly.

If it is necessary, or there is lime build-up, use deliming solution to dissolve it and flush it away. The brand of deliming solution is usually recommended by the manufacturer or you can use phosphoric acid at a food-grade level.

Replace the anode with the new one, this time you can use the magnesium anode.

Fill the water heater.

Resume the operation.

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