Gas water heater is leaking from the upper valve

by Roco

I have a natural gas water heater for 8 years, and never had problems until now. This morning I have found a puddle of water under the water heater.

I spent some time investigating where this water (hot water) is coming from and I have noticed that it is dripping from the tube coming out of the valve installed on the top/side of my gas heater.

What causes the overflow on a water heater to drip?
Is it a time to change this valve?
How to do it?
Please help.

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May 12, 2010
by: tightspotvacuum

After installing a new t&p place a cup under the pipe and see if is still leaking. Leave it there for a couple of days. If it is still leaking you have thermoexspansion. Install a thermoexspansion tank .

May 11, 2010
Replacing T&P relief valve
by: Zee from water heater reviews

One of the problems with your leaking TPR valve, might be that the local water utility is supplying you water with the extremely high pressure. So the solution, to prevent T&P relief valve from discharging is to install water pressure reducing valve (Watts is around $80).

But if the water heater relief valve is faulty, it is dripping the water and that is why you see the puddle of water around the discharge pipe. TPR valve has to be replaced right away.

Keep in mind when replacing the TPR valve that it must comply with ANSI and ASME codes, to be certified by a nationally recognized testing lab and to be properly sized.

When installing TPR valve, use the Teflon tape or approved sealant onto the threads and position the relief valve downward and install tubing for the discharge of the excessive water.

T&P valve is a safety element which protects the water heater and you from the excessive pressure and temperature that can build inside the tank and this is why it has to operate properly.

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