Eemax Tankless Water Heaters: Benefits and Things to Look For

Eemax electric tankless water heaterEemax electric tankless water heater

Explore Eemax tankless water heaters for residential home use. Check out the main features, advantages, and benefits. How to select the right model, and who should consider buying one?

Eemax tankless water heaters are electric units that work like other tank-less appliances - heating water on demand and providing an endless amount of hot water to point-of-use and whole-house applications.

Due to various sizes, Eemax can be purchased for single or multiple applications, covering residential homes, apartments, cottages, and offices. They can operate as remote units or boosters, supporting the tank-type and tankless units in fast delivery of hot water.

Models review

While the Eemax manufacturer carries many different types and sizes of water heaters, for both home and commercial applications, only seven tankless and electric models are available for domestic water heating, all coming from the HomeAdvantage II series:

  • HA008240
  • HA011240
  • HA013240
  • HA018240
  • HA024240
  • HA027240
  • HA036240

Main features

Nice look, strong material

Thanks to the modern and stylish look of the Eemax tankless water heater, it is cool to have one installed in the kitchen or bathroom as it blends nicely into the cabinets or the wall.

While the Eemax tankless water heaters are built only for indoor use, they still utilize the stainless steel casing for the longer element protection and life.

Small and compact

Small and compact design allows easy handling and simple installation on the wall, under the sink, or inside the cabinet - saving the floor space for other use.

For example; the size of the smallest Eemax unit HA008240 is 11.5" x 8" x 3.75" and weight of only 4.75 lbs, while the largest model HA036240 comes with the size of 17" x 21" x 3.75" and weight of 17.4 lbs, capable of producing power of up to 36 kW.

When compared to the standard tank-type unit with a diameter of 22" and height of over 60", space and time savings for handling and installation are excellent.

The smallest tankless unit here has only one heating element, larger from two to four, where one heating element can provide up to 9 kW of power. Just for a comparison, conventional tank-type usually comes with two heating elements, with up to 6 kW each.


The smallest 8 kW unit requires less work and time during the installation because the electric cord is provided, while the larger ones have to be hardwired. All the models need 240 V.

When it comes to plumbing, larger models of 18 kW and up use the bottom water connection, while smaller models side connections.


Eemax water heaters are equipped with the immersion type heating element, made of copper, which is heating water with 99% energy efficiency because all the power goes on water heating. It can be considered that there is no standby heat loss, as present on tank-type models. Water is heated instantaneously.

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Advanced control

Eemax tankless units utilize a few innovative features such as advanced water flow, temperature sensors, and computer logic controls. All features work together to ensure power modulation on the heating elements, keeping the water temperature stable, minimizing the fluctuation, and as close as possible to the set value.

They operate very simply – heating elements heat water instantly, using the flow switch to activate the unit when there is a demand for hot water. While they are recommended for point-of-use applications, those models with more power can also be used for multiple fixtures, larger buildings, and homes – with the dedicated unit for each fixture.

Due to the thermostatic control of the water temperature and adjustable settings, the units can provide stable water temperature resulting in less fluctuation, known as "cold water sandwich," and increased comfort. By using the adjustable temperature dial, the user can change the temperature from its minimum of 80 F to the maximum of 140 F.


Eemax models are pretty safe to use as the risk of high water temperatures, and the danger of scalding burns are reduced to their minimum – thanks to the scald prevention system and computer controlled micro-processing temperature control.

Other quality features ensure reduced calcification, liming, and sedimentation so the Ni-Chrome heating element can provide the optimum heat transfer and durability for years to come. The high-temperature limit switch protects the element from burnout.

Selecting the right model

Before buying an Eemax on-demand water heater, it is important to collect the following information; the amount of hot water needed for a fixture or fixtures (see below) and incoming water temperature for the area where you live. Based on this information, it is easy to figure out what are the flow rate (in GPM) and heating power (kW) needed for the unit.

When looking at the specs of the Eemax tankless, you will see that the smallest model, HA008240, with a heating power of 8 kW, is able to produce up to 4.8 GPM while the largest HA036240 with the 36 kW of power, up to 8 GPM.

How much of hot water is needed per application?

  • Shower – 2 GPM
  • Kitchen sink – 1-2 GPM
  • Bathtub – 4 GPM
  • Dishwasher – 1-2 GPM
  • Washing machine 1-1.5 GPM

Example: If you need a hot water flow of 4 GPM and a temperature rise of 45 F, the recommended unit will need 24 kW of heating power - HA024240. 


According to the reviews of users who bought larger units of 24 kW and up, it is noted that these units can easily replace the old 40 and 50-gal water heaters, supplying enough hot water for the whole house, and with the great advantage; no waiting for hot water and with the endless supply.

Some users complained that they needed some expensive rework on the house to meet the requirement, as the Eemax needs a lot of amps and 220 V. This would require more than basic skills for a DIY handyman or professional work. The prices are also in a higher bracket, ranging from $200 to close to $1000 (in 2021).

How to contact Eemax:

Official website: eemax.com

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