Eemax Electric Water Heaters Piece of Junk

by KF
(Warner Springs California)

In 2008 when remodeling our home we chose a Eemax Tankless Electric Water Heater and had it professionally installed. It failed during the warranty period with the elements burning out.

Eemax asked us to return the failed unit which we did at our own cost. Then they refused it and we had to pay the return mailing and dispose of the old unit at an e-waste site. They did send us a new unit which we again had installed. Within a few months it also failed within the warranty period.

When contacted by phone Eemax told us it must have been installed improperly. We had a different plumber come out to assure us it had been installed correctly. He said he had nothing but bad experiences with Eemax units. November 13, 2010 we sent a fax asking for a full refund plus our shipping costs. A month later we have yet to hear from Eemax. We have made another request to be reimbursed in full.

We are a retired couple in a rural area on a limited income and now need to buy another water heater.

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Feb 10, 2011
EEmax piece ...
by: Matt Buonaspina

I Had mine Eemax installed while I was deployed in Iraq, the unit went down a few months later. My wife went through tech support who sent out a new heating element.

After installed it worked for a few months then the same thing happened, this time the free heating element didn't work. They sent out a board which also didn't work. We found a distributor that swapped out the units for us.

We paid $500 for the plumber to install it. Today this unit started doing the same thing. After 2 plumbers and two electricians having looked at the system and saying it was installed correctly, I called EEmax and they said they don't refund any money, just replace parts.

You can't go without hot water in the middle of February in New York and you can't keep paying electricians to install new parts every couple of months. So small claims court it is. EEmax is located in Oxford CT, the small claims court that covers them is at 106 Elizabeth st in Derby CT. Wish me Luck!

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