Camping hot water heater

by Camper

Which one of the hot water heaters do you recommend for camping? I am planning to camp with my family, two kids, me and my wife. Hot water will be used for shower, dishes and maybe some tea or coffee.

I have heard that the most popular camping brand Coleman is also selling hot water heaters. Can you justify the cost with the quality?

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Nov 28, 2010
Coleman Hot Water Heaters
by: Anonymous

Folks , DO NOT buy the Coleman. I purchased a new one 3 years ago. It worked for a single camping trip then it quit. Coleman replaced it and the second one quit working. Coleman again replaced it. Now my third one quit and it is out of warranty.

It was always charged up and fitted with the correct propane tank.

Yes Coleman replaced them but that does you no good when you are out camping with little girls and have to heat up a pot of water on the stove.
They are junk

Jun 11, 2010
Camp chef, Coleman, Eccotemp, Zodi...
by: Manson

Camp chef, Coleman, Eccotemp, Zodi are camping water heaters you will find as the most popular on the Amazon.com, for example.

All these hot water heaters are used for camping and any other outdoor activities like boating, hiking... They are portable, with the small tank size that are using mainly a propane gas for water heating with the pump battery operated. Keep in mind that the propane tank is not provided, this is separate.

Coleman camping heater is around $200. It has a 5-gallon collapsible water container but can be adapted for continuous hot water flow. Zodi, for the comparison sake costs around $230.

Eccotemp water heaters are also portable propane water heaters but tankless, they are not using a storage tank, they work on demand and provide continuous flow of hot water, as long as there is a constant incoming water flow. Its price is around $120. Camp Chef brand is around $180.

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