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Bradford White ICON system - new gas control technology

Bradford White ICON system - new gas control technology

One of the latest Bradford White component parts is the advanced gas valve, called the ICON system, a completely new gas control technology. The ICON system has become the standard part of Bradford White Atmospheric and Direct Vent residential and light duty commercial models.

Now the question is why this new gas valve or the ICON system is different from the previous gas valve parts.

Bradford White claims that there are numerous energy and time-saving benefits, it provides better performance, it is much more durable due to its high quality material (it can withstand up to 600 pounds force) and it is easier for troubleshooting.

To maintain the constant temperature level of the hot water and for the accurate control, the ICON system has the advanced temperature control system which uses the microprocessor to monitor and control the burner operation.

New gas valve has the integrated algorithm that allows your water heater to operate with the increased First Hour Delivery and produce hot water with the temperature very close to the set temperature.

With ten different diagnostic codes (LED) it is much easier for the diagnostics and troubleshooting.

New Bradford White gas valve is using its proven millivolt technology, where no external energy is needed, since the electric energy for electronic parts and the gas valve is generated from the pilot light's heat energy and converted by the thermopile.

ICON system has one part installed inside the tank, so when working on the gas valve or trying to replace it, you don't have to drain the whole tank.

The ICON system also provides an indication when the pilot light is ON and it is easy lit the pilot by using the integrated Piezo igniter.

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