Bradford White water heater Maintenance

by P.J.
(New York)

I purchased Bradford White water heater, Atmospheric Vent Energy Saver model, with the Defender Safety System, few months ago and I am really happy with its performances, how fast it heats and delivers water.

I want to keep my Bradford White water heater running as long as I can, even after its warranty expires, and to prevent future problems.

My question is, what are the most important steps when talking about water heater maintenance or maybe yearly service. I am not planning to call a technician unless I have to, so how can I maintain the unit except cleaning the dust?

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May 21, 2010
How to maintain Bradford White water heater
by: DJ

Bradford White water heater manufacturer and other companies from water heating industries will always tell you to call their technician or plumber to do the yearly check-up, even for the maintenance.

I would say there are some things around water heater you can do without calling an expensive technicians.

I am doing my own maintenance and my water heater works perfectly (I have Bradford White water heater, Ultra High Efficiency model).

One of the most important steps in water heater maintenance is to check the anode rod, a part which reduces the risk of tank corrosion. Factory installed anodes are usually with the lower quality level, and they will last 3-5 years before it significantly deteriorates, so buying a better quality anode will help your water heater last longer.

Based on where your Bradford White water heater is installed, maintaining the unit should be easy.

First make sure there are no flammable vapors in the same room as it can trigger the FVIR protection.

As said about the anode rod, if there is a rotten egg smell from the hot tap you have to flush the whole plumbing system and replace the magnesium rod (which is probably installed) with the aluminum rod.

Check for leaks, even condensation, to be sure that all the connections are still good.

Check often is the vent pipe clean, products of combustion are not leaking and there are no obstructions for the air intake.

Check the pilot light and the main burner. The flame on the main burner should be blue and steady. Yellow flame indicates problems.
Clean the main burner, pilot and the orifice to remove the debris and scale deposits, once a year.

Check the temperature and pressure relief valve by lifting the lever several times to check does the valve seats properly and without leaking.

Drain off the gallon of water from the tank, periodically, to remove the sediment.


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