Bradford White water heater is smoking

by Ben

Whenever my Bradford White water heater is running, there is some smoking coming out the water heater. My Bradford White water heater is located in the garage and it uses natural gas and the atmospheric vent for flue gases. This is 50-gallon Energy Saver model, M-I-5036FBN.

What causes the smoking of my water heater and how to fix it?

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Jun 08, 2010
Why water heater is smoking or producing carbon
by: Jeff

There are several reasons why your water heater (Bradford White or any other)is producing a smoke. Usually with this kind of the problem comes the increased carbon formation issue.

One of the main causes which are related to your water heater problem is lack of the primary air, or air needed for gas combustion (it happens when the unit is installed in the confined space). If the Bradford White model you have is equipped with the air shutter, you just have to adjust it... and provide sufficient amount of fresh air. Otherwise provide two openings, big enough for ventilation.

The other reason for a smoke or carbon formation is related to dirty orifice on the main burner. It is easy to clean the burner but you should check how often does the orifice get dirty and where it is coming from.

Vent pipe has to be properly connected to your water heater and terminated out. There is also a chance that the flue pipe is clogged so you must clean it and remove any obstructions. This is especially important as the clogged flue might be the cause for the carbon monoxide formation.

Check the work of the thermostat and gas control valve.

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